Building vs Buying a Home in Portland, Oregon

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Oct 18, 2021 7:29:00 AM

Topics: Build a Custom Home, North Willamette Valley

Owning your own home is part of the American dream, yet this has become increasingly difficult in today’s real estate market, especially if you want to purchase an existing home in the Portland area. With limited inventory and prices that have been on an upward trend for more than a decade, the opportunities for purchasing a home are few and far between, especially if you’re working with a limited budget.

However, buying an existing home is not the only way to achieve your dream of homeownership. Building a new custom home is not only possible, but it’s also a way for you to build equity, get more of the features you want, and finally get your dream home. 

If you are weighing your options between building versus buying, or if you haven’t even thought about new construction, consider these reasons to explore building a new home.

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Deciding Where to Live in Central Washington

Posted by Kari Montoya on Oct 8, 2021 9:15:00 AM

Topics: Central Washington

Whether you are looking to spend more time in nature, advance your career, or start a family (or even a combination of all three!), Washington state is one of the best places in the country to consider living.

It touts several opportunities for outdoor recreation, incredibly beautiful scenery, and bodies of water all over the state. There are also ample employment opportunities, both in some of the major cities in the state and in the smaller towns. Statewide, residents have a strong local focus in their support of farmers markets and mom-and-pop shops. 

Washington is also very invested in its education systems and environmental stewardship. In fact, it is continuously named one of the greenest states with one of the best education systems in the country.

In addition to these many benefits, there’s one more: Central Washington has plenty of land to build on. So, if you are interested in breaking ground in Central Washington but aren’t quite sure where you would like to settle down, here are the top four cities you should consider.

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Popular Custom House Plans in MID COLUMBIA VALLEY

Posted by Kari Montoya on Sep 23, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Topics: Mid Columbia Valley

The Mid Columbia Valley is a magical place to live. Full of meandering walking trails through lush greenery, picturesque waterfalls, and opportunities for year round outdoor recreation—it’s clear why they’ve dubbed this area the Pacific Northwest Wonderland. It’s well worth a pinch just to know it’s real. Clearly, living here isn’t the question. The question is: which Adair Homes plan should you choose to build?

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Deciding Where to Live on the Oregon Coast

Posted by Kari Montoya on Sep 20, 2021 9:48:48 AM

Topics: Central Oregon, Oregon Coast, Southern Oregon

From the most northern town of Astoria to the most southern area of Brookings-Harbor, the entire Oregon coast is filled with beautiful sights of the ocean and diverse landscapes. It’s no wonder why more than a million tourists visit the 363-mile stretch every year! 

Visiting the coastal towns provides endless opportunities for relaxation, yet deciding on the best place to build your forever home takes some consideration. Oregon is becoming one of the most popular states to live in for current residents interested in escaping the city as well as those relocating out of state—and there are plenty of good reasons.

In this blog post, we discuss the best towns to build your home along the coast of Oregon. By the time you are finished reading, we hope you have a better understanding of which town you would like to live in.

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Deciding Where to Live in East Valley

Posted by Kari Montoya on Sep 13, 2021 2:51:30 PM

Topics: East Valley

The East Valley of Arizona is perfect for those interested in building a custom home in the larger urban setting of Tempe or in one of the city’s many quieter suburbs. Either way, the East Valley provides access for those interested in all the excitement of a city as well as the beauty of the outdoors, which Arizona has a lot of.

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Building on Your Own Land? What Idaho Homeowners Need to Know

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Sep 12, 2021 3:06:00 PM

Topics: Build a Custom Home

With beautiful national parks, stunning mountain ranges, and endless opportunities for outdoor adventure, Idaho is one of the best-kept secrets in the U.S. While the Gem State offers a true connection to nature that most Americans only dream of, residents also enjoy a friendly, small-town feel—even in the cities—which makes the state truly one of a kind.

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Building on Your Own Land? What Oregon Homeowners Need To Know

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Sep 6, 2021 1:51:00 PM

Topics: Central Oregon

Oregon is consistently ranked among the best states to call home.

Oregon is consistently ranked among the best states to call home. This stunning state is frequently praised for having a high quality of living with beautiful natural scenery, low crime, happy and healthy residents, and plenty to see and do. It’s no wonder that many of our customers choose to build their custom homes in the Beaver State. 

Whether you want to be near the ocean, the mountains, or in one of the lively cities, building a custom home on your own land in Oregon is a bit more involved than selecting a production home. For one thing, there is far more involvement in the customization process than selecting from a boilerplate home design. 

You’ll also need to consider the logistical side as well. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you build:

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Deciding Where to Live in Southern Arizona

Posted by Kari Montoya on Sep 2, 2021 2:17:39 PM

Southern Arizona boasts a variety of living experiences, including eclectic downtowns, outdoor adventures, a thriving arts scene, world-renowned colleges and universities, and more. Families, singles, and retirees alike can benefit from the various locations and year-round warm temperatures from nearly 300 days of sunshine a year. 

Whether you’re moving to the area to begin a new job in a big city such as Tucson or interested in the quieter suburbs in the surrounding area, southern Arizona has a lot to offer. While the following list is not exhaustive, some of the best suburbs include: 

  • Green Valley
  • Dove Mountain 
  • Catalina Foothills
  • Sahuarita
  • Oro Valley

These suburbs are close enough to enjoy all that Tucson’s urban living offers: the culture, food, and energy. But they are removed enough to avoid the undesirable aspects, such as traffic, busyness, and student life at the University of Arizona. 

If you’re in the market to build a new home, these suburbs have a lot to offer in terms of property settings. To help you decide where you would like to settle, let's take a closer look at some of the best areas to find land in southern Arizona.

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Deciding Where to Live in North Valley

Posted by Kari Montoya on Sep 2, 2021 2:15:01 PM

The north valley of Arizona is equally perfect for those interested in building a home in the big city of Phoenix or in a quieter, more serene location near Tonto National Forest. The north valley is a beautiful, rapidly growing region of the state and is often referred to as the Valley of the Sun due to the warm temperatures and 300 days of sunshine per year. 

Whether you’re moving to the area to begin a new job in Phoenix’s thriving metropolis, start a business in one of the smaller villages, or enjoy your retirement years in the warm, sunny climate, the north valley is a unique region of the country that has a lot to offer. 

While the area does not have an official separate status, the north valley typically refers to the urban villages north of Phoenix, which include Paradise Valley, North Mountain, Deer Valley, Desert View, and North Gateway. If you’re in the market to build a new home, these villages have a lot to offer in terms of property settings. 

To help you decide, let's take a closer look at some of the best areas to find land in the north valley of Arizona.

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Building On Your Own Land? What Arizona Homeowners Need to Know

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Aug 29, 2021 1:03:00 PM

Topics: Custom Home Builder, Build a Custom Home, Finding Land

Building the home of your dreams is an exciting life decision. Of course, there’s a lot to learn if you have never done it before, but with the help of an experienced builder, the process can go quite smoothly. 

If you’re thinking of building a new home in Arizona, one of the first steps is securing land. Doing so requires: 

  1. Obtaining pre-approval for financing
  2. Performing due diligence to understand restrictions of land use
  3. Understanding lot restrictions, building restrictions, and the permitting process
  4. Getting your land surveyed and utilities connected to the site
  5. Completing site development tasks 

And if you already own a lot, there’s still some work to do, including learning what you can and cannot do on the property and planning for the costs associated with preparing the site for construction.

To help you get started on your homebuilding journey, here are some tips for securing your own land in Arizona.

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