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Posted by Gabbie Gately on Sep 14, 2023 11:45:00 AM


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The Journey Towards a Forever Home

There’s a reason humanity flocks to the oceans. Whether it’s the mystical rhythms of the
waves, the healing in the salt air, the natural beauty—or, a combination of all this and
more—it’s clear: the coast calls and we must answer.

For over twenty-five years, Eric and Angelica Klein felt the heart-pull of the Oregon Coast.
Someday, they vowed, they wouldn’t just be visitors. They would be owners. Residents. Part
of the community.

Along the journey, the Klein’s found promises of their forever home in the most
heartwarming places; talismans of the meant-to-be. A boat coffee table purchased long
before their future lake house took shape. Eric’s vision of the water framed in his living
room through a wall of windows. A vacation to Devil’s Lake that felt like home—and indeed
it was home—their children are photographed in a boat just off the coast of what is their
property today.

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Klein family boat table purchased 20 years before building their dream home.
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A family vacation years before where their boat is pointing to their future lot.

When the dream is this strong, this tangible—the journey is always worth the wait. Erick Albretsen, the Klein’s Adair Home Ownership Counselor, agrees.

“When Angelica says that something was guiding them to Lincoln City, to this house, I believe them. The entire process was magical. The Coast? It calls to you if you are supposed to be here.” 

Why Adair Homes?

“If anyone ever wonders if billboard advertising works, look no further than our situation,” says Angelica. “We drove to and from the coast many times over the years, and when it came time to build on our property, we remembered seeing those billboards out and about and decided to give Adair a call. That's where it started. After learning more, we decided that it was important to have a builder who was local to the area and had the experience necessary to do a quality job given the unique challenges of building on a lake or at the coast in general. Once our first meeting with Adair was completed, we felt that they were up to the task and fully capable of meeting our needs and expectations.”

 “…we decided that it was important to have a builder that was local to the area and had the experience necessary to do a quality job given the unique challenges of building…”

                                                                            -Angelica Klein


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The Klein’s chosen property is breathtaking. But, building a custom home next to a body of water is always challenging; you must consider septic size and placement, flood plain restrictions, and a design that fits within the given property set-backs. “We needed to be able to customize our home in order to overcome the obstacles,” says Eric. “Adair worked with us to design the perfect home for our imperfect lot.”

Everyone who builds with Adair Homes works with a Pro Team, a group of industry professionals specific to your job. When you’re building with Adair there’s no question too small, and no problem too big that can’t be handled by your Pro Team. 

“Our project manager was an absolute blessing!” says Angelica.  

Eric agrees. “He did a fantastic job coordinating all aspects of our build which could have been a logistical nightmare given all of the entities involved, but he handled it all flawlessly. We were constantly kept in the loop and we always were aware of each and every step throughout the process. Communication is the key to customer service.”

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The Custom Home Design

Ask the Klein’s if the process was worth it, and there is a resounding YES from Angelica.

Seeing the finished product makes it all worth it. Watching an empty lot full of grass and dirt be transformed into a beautiful home is quite enjoyable and satisfying.”

For the Klein’s this dream home is a legacy to pass down to their children. As such, you can feel the thoughtful design throughout. The open kitchen’s crisp coastal vibe is reflected in the white cabinetry and trim, the chic black and white tile backsplash, and the weathered gray luxury vinyl plank flooring. A navy blue island gives the space a modern vitality, and invites you to sit down and stay awhile—no doubt admiring the views. 

Plentiful natural sunlight pours through the oversized windows, bathing the great room and kitchen in a warm glow. “Our favorite feature is the high cathedral ceiling and the open area leading from the front door to the back door,” says Angelica. “The lake is the star, and we wanted to make sure that it was highlighted. We accomplished that goal! As soon as you walk into the door, your eyes are drawn to the beauty of the lake. Mission accomplished!”

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Getting Away From It All

The Oregon Coast is a hidden wonderland. Once discovered, it captivates its visitors with natural beauty, a vibrant art scene, and a way of life that just can’t be replicated anywhere else.

Lincoln City offers a vibrant city center coupled with sweeping vistas of the Pacific Ocean; misty mornings and warm afternoons on the waves. If you’re looking for that coastal retreat, Lincoln City might just be the perfect place for your forever home.

If you are looking to build on the Oregon Coast contact Adairs Lincoln City branch to talk to one of our Pro-Team members today! 

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Adair Homes 

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