Choosing Your Kitchen Features and Products in an Adair Home

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Oct 12, 2018 7:22:26 AM

Topics: homebuilding tips, Build a Custom Home

There’s no denying that the kitchen is one of the top considerations for most home buyers. After all, it’s where meals are prepared and often enjoyed; where people gather to chat, do homework, and entertain; and where daily life always seems to circulate.

If you’re in the market for a new home, you’re probably already dreaming of your ideal kitchen. And if you build a custom home with Adair Homes, you’ll have the flexibility to make your new kitchen truly yours, from deciding on its size and layout to selecting finishes such as cabinetry, countertops, and hardware. Because Adair homes are highly customizable, you’ll have the chance to build exactly the kitchen you want—one that will fit your needs and the way your family lives for years to come.

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4 Ways to Add Storage to Your Small Space without Spending Big

Posted by Julian Lane on Oct 2, 2018 10:02:47 AM

Topics: homebuilding tips

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a tiny house or have plenty of room to spread out: storage space is almost always in demand. Keep reading for ways to maximize yours without draining your bank account.

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Indoor Houseplants: 5 Plants That Will Liven Up Your Home

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Oct 2, 2018 9:19:00 AM

Topics: Custom Home Design, homebuilding tips

Indoor houseplants can be a beautiful, vibrant addition to any home’s decor. They add interesting colors and textures, and they instantly create a cozy, welcoming vibe.

Better still, houseplants have been shown to be extremely beneficial to your health for several reasons:

  • They remove toxins from and add fresh oxygen to the air in your home.
  • Seeing greenery has been shown to reduce stress levels, encourage a sense of calm, and improve your overall mood.
  • Caring for a living thing—even a plant or two—can give you a sense of purpose and may prove to be very rewarding.

Of course, not every plant is ideal for an indoor life. When shopping for houseplants, be sure to look for those that will thrive in the light and heat of each given room. For example, ferns and cacti love the baking heat of a sunroom, but philodendrons enjoy minimal light and would probably fry.

Luckily, there are plenty of easy-to-grow indoor plants available for the beginning plant parent. Here are five of our favorites to quickly and easily liven up your home:

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Featured Floorplans: The Ainsworth and Douglas

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Sep 10, 2018 10:08:10 AM

Topics: Custom Home Floor Plan

As home values continue to rise in the Pacific Northwest, it can be challenging for some buyers to find a home that will work for their needs without breaking the bank. However, you can increase your chances for success by building an affordable home using Adair’s innovative project management system. And, for buyers who qualify, leveraging the USDA loan can help stretch every dollar even further, bringing homeownership within reach for a growing number of customers.

Throughout the Pacific Northwest, growing demand for housing has led to a shortage in affordable homes—especially those at or below $250,000. However, Adair is helping to alleviate this problem by offering new-construction homes within these budget-friendly price points, enabling buyers to get the home they want, on their own property, at a price that would otherwise be impossible for a brand-new home.

Today, let’s take a closer look at two Adair floorplans that are ideal for buyers looking in the low $200,000s—a challenging range in today’s market.

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Creating the Perfect Yard: What Kind of Fence Should I Build?

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Sep 4, 2018 5:42:41 AM

Topics: Custom Home Design, Exterior

Although you might spend a lot of time inside your house, your outdoor spaces are an important component of the overall look and feel of your home. Hardscaping, plantings, and other exterior features say a lot about who you are, so you want to get them right. If you decide to install a fence, it might be the first thing people see when they approach your home, so there’s a lot to consider when deciding what type of fence to build.

For many people, fences are both practical necessities and opportunities to show a little style. If you’re trying to create the perfect yard, think about how these types of fences would contribute to the look you’re trying to design.

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6 Apps You Must Download When Building your Own Home

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Aug 27, 2018 9:46:26 AM

Topics: Custom Home Design

Building your own home is a thrilling process, from start to finish. However, it can be challenging too. Working with a homebuilder to create a custom home involves making a thousand decisions—some small and others extremely significant. Luckily, modern technology can help make these choices a bit easier.

As you build a custom home, you’ll need to decide on a floorplan, an exterior design, custom layout options, paint colors, appliances, flooring, cabinetry, and everything in between. Of course, builders like Adair Homes have professionals on hand to help you every step of the way. But new, intuitive mobile apps can also be invaluable for envisioning your future home, tying the design and decor together, selecting paint colors and finishes, and more.

Here we’ll count down six apps that you should download when building your own home:

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Landscaping a Custom Home: DIY or Hire a Contractor?

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Aug 13, 2018 1:11:16 PM

Topics: homebuilding tips, Exterior

Although it might not be the first thing you think of when building a new home, the landscaping is one of the first things people notice. It also takes time for newly planted flowers, shrubs, and trees to fill out and look natural in their new setting. Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a contractor, you need to plan the landscaping early in the process so that you’re not stuck with barren soil surrounding your beautiful new home.   

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Buying My First Home: How Much Money Do I Need to Save?

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Aug 7, 2018 9:08:00 AM

Topics: homebuilding tips

Purchasing your very first home is one of the most exciting, important steps you’ll ever take. However, the process can be stressful and even scary at times, since there’s so much riding on it. One of the most common questions we encounter from first-time homebuyers revolves around how much to save for their new home.

Although the answer to the question, “How much do I need to save for my first home?” will vary for each individual homeowner, there are several factors that will likely come into play for everyone:

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Home Design Ideas: Find Inspiration Using Pinboards on Pinterest

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Aug 6, 2018 6:39:06 AM

Topics: Custom Home Design, homebuilding tips

If you’re planning to build a new custom home, you’re about to make a lot of design decisions. Many people find this part of the process to be the most fun, but even if you enjoy it, making so many choices can feel overwhelming. Using Pinterest is a great way to find inspiration, generate new ideas, and keep your thoughts organized. With millions of images at your fingertips, you can find the design details that resonate most with your style and customize them for your own home.  

Whether you’re a new Pinterest user or a seasoned pinning veteran, there are a few tips you can try to get the most from your boards when looking for home design ideas.

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3 Types of Construction Loans: A Comparison and Review

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Jul 31, 2018 7:54:54 AM

Topics: homebuilding tips, Finance Your Home

Most people can’t fund the construction of a new home using cash, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to build your own custom home. Much like getting a mortgage to purchase an existing home, you can get financing to pay for the costs of new construction. Also like a typical mortgage, there are several different financing options available to you. The one that makes the most sense for you will depend on factors such as:

  • Cash available for a down payment
  • Ability to make monthly payments
  • Credit score and history
  • Household income
  • Existing debt and assets

If you’ve never built a new home or gone through the financing process, it can feel intimidating. There is always a lot of paperwork, and the many options can be confusing if you don’t understand all the details. However, you don’t have to go through it all alone.

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