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Posted by Gabbie Gately on May 30, 2024 11:45:00 AM

Our Newest Floor Plans Celebrate the Concept of Indoor/Outdoor Living spaces with Function, Beauty, and Modern Design. 

Adair Homes is proud to unveil our newest offering—a selection of home floor plans specifically designed to seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living. Our drafting department sat down with one priority in mind: to create floor plans that integrated the comfort of the inside with the limitless recreational opportunities of the outside. These new Adair floor plans are innovative designs featuring expansive covered patios, areas designed for adding cozy outdoor fireplaces, and versatile spaces perfect for entertaining neighbors, family, or simply unwinding in the fresh air.

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One of the standout features of our new floor plans is the emphasis on outdoor living areas that feel like a natural extension of your home. Imagine a spacious patio where you can host summer barbecues—right off the dining and kitchen area!

Let’s take a look at the first two floor plans!

The Eden and Catalina

2643 -Eden
The Eden - Farmhouse Exterior 
2643 - SW - Catalina
The Catalina - Santa Fe Exterior 
2634 - Eden
The Eden - Riada Exterior 
2643 - SW - Catalina
The Catalina - Craftsman Exterior
2643 - Eden
The Eden - Craftsman Exterior 
2643 - SW - Catalina
The Catalina - Spanish Exterior 

The Eden (PNW) and The Catalina (AZ) floor plan by Adair Homes are all about lifestyle. Spanning 2,643 square feet, this innovative design prioritizes a fluid connection between your interior spaces and the natural beauty outside—setting it apart from traditional home layouts. This floor plan features expansive sliding glass doors that open to a generous covered patio, providing an effortless transition from your living room to your outdoor oasis. With four bedrooms (each boasting walk-in closets!) and an open-plan living area, this home offers both space and elegance.

This plan's spacious open-concept layout connects the kitchen, dining, and living areas directly to the outdoor space. This thoughtful design makes it easy to extend your living and entertaining areas outside, making hosting summer barbecues or cozy gatherings around an outdoor fireplace a simple pursuit. The covered patio is designed to be used year-round, offering a space that can be enjoyed in any season. By blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living, this floor plan encourages a lifestyle that embraces the best of both worlds.


The Eden and Catalina floor plan is all about functionality and aesthetics. High-quality materials and finishes ensure that your outdoor space is as stylish and comfortable as your indoor areas.

The interior of the home features a corner kitchen with an enviable amount of counter space, a two-car garage with an additional shop, a front entry with a covered porch, and a walk-thru laundry/mudroom. 

This plan is the epitome of elegance, comfort, and practical living. Imagine enjoying your morning coffee on the patio, or hosting an elegant dinner party with the sunset as your backdrop. The Eden and Catalina floor plan by Adair Homes makes these experiences a reality, offering a unique blend of comfort, style, and connection to nature. Explore the Eden (PNW) and the Catalina (AZ) today and discover how it can transform your living experience.

The Saratoga and Havasu

2164 - SW - Havasu
The Havasu - Spanish Exterior 
2164 - Saratoga
The Saratoga - Traditions Exterior
2164 - SW - Havasu
The Havasu - Santa Fe Exterior 
2164 - Saratoga
The Saratoga - Craftsman Exterior
2164 - SW - Havasu
The Havasu - Craftsman Exterior 
2164 - Saratoga
The Saratoga - Riada Exterior 

The Saratoga (PNW) and The Havasu (AZ) floor plan by Adair Homes are designed to take outdoor living to the next level. This stunning plan offers 2,164 square feet of cultivated living space, featuring four bedrooms with walk-in closets, a two-car garage, and an open-concept kitchen, living, and dining area. The Saratoga and Havasu plan emphasizes outdoor living by providing direct access to the outside from the dining room, living room, and primary suite—seamlessly blending indoor comfort with outdoor enjoyment. This compact yet elegant design caters perfectly to those who value both modern living and a connection to nature.  

Imagine evening star gazing with friends, all from the comfort of your home.

This floor plan includes many thoughtful details. The light and bright dining area opens up to a huge covered living space off the back of the home—a perfect space for hosting gatherings or enjoying quiet moments outdoors. The home’s entry also features a covered porch, offering a welcoming transition from the outside to the inside. The kitchen boasts a walk-in pantry, ensuring ample storage and functionality for modern living. Additionally, a walk-thru laundry and mudroom enhance the home's practicality, making daily chores and organization a breeze.


But what truly sets the Saratoga and Havasu floor plan apart is its open-concept layout connecting the kitchen, dining, and living areas, creating a cohesive and inviting environment that also connects to the out-of-doors. The expansive outdoor covered living space becomes a natural extension of the indoor areas, encouraging a lifestyle for all seasons. 

High-quality materials and finishes ensure that your outdoor space is as stylish and comfortable as your indoor areas, making this plan an ideal home for those who love to entertain and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Experience the elegance and practicality of the Saratoga (PNW) and Havasu (AZ) floor plan by Adair Homes. With its seamless indoor-outdoor connection and thoughtfully designed spaces, this plan offers a unique blend of comfort, style, and connection to nature.

How to Decorate Transitional Spaces

Decorating your new outdoor space will help the indoor and outdoor living spaces feel complete and integrated. Start by selecting weather-resistant furniture! And think about whether you’d prefer a lounge area, an eating area, or both.

Utilizing soft neutral colors on the patio can be one way to make both your indoor space and outdoor patio feel larger. Conversely, adding pops of color to the outside area with outdoor rugs, cushions, and throw pillows can create an element of fun and pizazz that welcomes people outside. Whichever direction you take your space, make sure that it is personalized and reflects your style. Potted plants, string lights, and outdoor art make patios feel like true extensions of the home. These thoughtful touches not only elevate the aesthetic but also make your outdoor area a comfortable and inviting retreat.

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Three Tips for Enhancing Your Outdoor Space

▪️ Use Versatile Furniture 

Opt for modular or multifunctional pieces that can be rearranged for different occasions. For example, choose outdoor seating that can adapt to a large gathering—or host a quiet evening with a few friends. Consider furniture with built-in storage to keep cushions, blankets, and other accessories handy and yet out of sight. Tables with adjustable heights or expandable sections can serve as both dining surfaces and casual coffee tables, making your outdoor area more flexible and functional.

▪️ Add Textiles for Comfort 

Modern Outdoor Furniture - Room & BoardIncorporate weatherproof textiles! Outdoor curtains, cushions, and canopies provide shade and add comfort and elegance. Consider outdoor curtains in a neighborhood setting, to create privacy and transform your patio into a cozy retreat. 

Canopies or pergolas with fabric coverings offer protection from the sun and elements, extending the usability of your outdoor space throughout the year. Look for UV-resistant and water-repellent fabrics to ensure durability and ease of maintenance. These textiles can also introduce patterns and colors, enhancing the visual appeal of your outdoor area.

▪️ Integrate Natural Elements 

Use natural materials like wood and stone in your decor to blend your outdoor space with the surrounding environment. Wooden furniture, stone pathways, and natural fiber rugs can create a harmonious look that complements the landscape. Incorporate features like a stone fireplace or a wooden pergola to add structure and style. Potted plants, wooden planters, and stone sculptures can further enhance the natural feel, making your outdoor space feel like a true extension of your home. These elements not only add aesthetic value but also promote a sense of tranquility and connection with nature.

Forever Design for a Forever Home

Interested in more? Stay ahead of the latest trends by following Adair Homes on Pinterest (adairhomes), or through our social media pages (@adairhomes). Our design team is dedicated to creating timeless, modern spaces. And don’t forget to explore all of these innovative ideas and more in our new Outdoor Living category on the Adair Homes website. Here, you'll find a variety of floor plans tailored to help you maximize and enjoy your outdoor living space to its fullest potential.

Building homes that last lifetimes is a key value for Adair Homes. We have helped thousands of families enjoy the good life through home ownership. Not only is an Adair Home a tried and true investment vehicle, it is also a safe, healthy environment to thrive within. Home ownership is a great path forward!

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