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The Holcomb Family: Customizing the Perfect Farmhouse

Posted by Kari Montoya on Sep 24, 2020 9:05:00 AM

Topics: Build a Custom Home, Custom Home Design, Homebuilding Tips, Southern Oregon, Floor Plans, Design, Custom Homes, Primary Suite, Real Estate, Value, Farmhouse, Outdoor Living

Jeff and Kelly Holcomb’s escape to the country found them overlooking 65-luscious acres of wide open spaces. The property was love at first sight—the perfect place to build their forever home.

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Outdoor Living: Designing the Perfect Outdoor Space for Your Family

Posted by Kari Montoya on Aug 11, 2020 10:19:02 AM

Topics: Custom Home Builder, Custom Home Design, Homebuilding Tips, Design, Custom Homes, Outdoor Living

If you’re interested in lowering your blood pressure, reducing stress, and living longer—guess what—the answer is just outside your door! In the past ten years, science backed research has uncovered a beautiful connection between outdoor spaces and our overall health. Improving your emotional and physical well-being could be as simple as—get this—sitting outside in nature.

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