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Posted by Kari Montoya on Aug 11, 2020 10:19:02 AM

If you’re interested in lowering your blood pressure, reducing stress, and living longer—guess what—the answer is just outside your door! In the past ten years, science backed research has uncovered a beautiful connection between outdoor spaces and our overall health. Improving your emotional and physical well-being could be as simple as—get this—sitting outside in nature.


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And those of us who live in the greater Pacific Northwest are at a loss for excuses. From Arizona to Idaho, our personal therapeutic regime is quite literally, on the other side of our back door. You don’t have to find a national park or climb a mountain to realize the benefits from the fresh air—all you really need is a thoughtfully designed outdoor space. 

As you consider your backyard living area, Adair Homes offers some tips to designing your peace of mind, compiled from years of building new construction and our customer satisfaction surveys. We invite you to step outside, take a deep breath of fresh air, and dream big.


Whether you have five acres or five hundred square feet, privacy is attainable. Consider climbing vines, trees, and other shrubs that create green ‘fencing’. Sheltering your property from the neighbors doesn’t have to result in a bunker-like setting. Rather, by combining evergreen elements of varying heights and bloom and simple backyard structures (consider gazebos and pergolas), you can create living property lines that invite the birds and butterflies in, while also serving as sound barriers and privacy screens.

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Outdoor Living Space

A covered patio is an essential part to any new construction project. Putting aside the fact that this addition to your home will greatly increase your property value—the function alone is worth its weight in gold. A covered area gives shade in the hot summer months and protection from the elements in the colder days. Pre-plumb natural gas to this area for an outdoor kitchen or fire pit—and you’ve just expanded your living area exponentially. 

If you are in the process of building new construction, adding covered outdoor space is absolutely affordable, and worth doing now rather than later. Our Adair Homes team has designed outdoor spaces for all manner of styles. Whether you are gravitating towards modern, craftsman, or farmhouse—our designs seamlessly transition from indoor to outdoor living, creating multi-functional spaces perfect for your family.

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“Our outdoor living area has become our family’s most important space - from enjoying a family game night, to entertaining our friends. For what started as an afterthought, it now is the “room” we could not live without!” - Josh Biggs, Adair Homes Employee & Customer

Sound and Light

Years ago, lighting in the backyard referred to tiki torches and flashlights. Sound technology was a boom box alongside the BBQ. Not anymore! Bring sound and light out-of-doors with the same reliability you count on inside. Surround sound, spot lights, landscape lights, and switched water features add appeal and value to your property—plus, make entertaining that much easier. 

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