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Posted by Gabbie Gately on Mar 20, 2024 11:45:00 AM

Have you heard the buzz term ‘Quiet Luxury’ lately? This new (or old) design aesthetic is captivating the home, beauty, and fashion sectors in 2024. Hair colorists are being asked to create ‘old-money blonde’ bobs, while fashion houses are replacing the outlandish with the classic. Interior home design has gone the same way, with homeowners seeking timeless and attainable elegance. Color palettes are subtle, texture is in high demand, and Adair Homes creative team is working hard to empower you to achieve this coveted look without breaking the bank.

3217_Kitchen_313958-12 (4)

Quiet Luxury Unveiled: What is it?

Quiet Luxury is more than a design trend; it's a design philosophy that celebrates quality products and enduring style. Shea McGee of Studio McGee beautifully captures its essence in a recent interview with House Beautiful. Said McGee, 

"Quiet luxury is about subtleties and elevated materials, letting the quality be the defining element of the room versus a particular style or aesthetic."

This design approach appreciates the beauty of simplicity and the longevity of well-crafted pieces. It's a departure from the fast-paced world of ever-changing trends, offering a refuge where designs and furnishings remain consistent throughout time. Quiet Luxury is an invitation to create a home that feels both classic and contemporary, showcasing a curated selection of items that mean something to the homeowner and have the ability to stand the test of time.

Adair Homes: Attaining Luxury for Less 

At Adair Homes, we agree wholeheartedly with the principles of Quiet Luxury. Our mission is to make attainable elegance a reality for homeowners. Here's how Adair can help you achieve the luxury look without the hefty price tag:

alexander plan kitchen-2
Alexander Plan 
3495_MainEnsuite_312633-8 (3)

Cascades Plan

3217_Mt. Rainier_313897-13 21 (4)

Mt. Rainier Plan

2688_Kitchen_314196-16 (6)

Olympus Plan

1952_Kitchen _313955-9 (4)
Oswego Plan
2492_Custom_312592-11-4 (1) (1)

Custom Plan 

1560_Kitchen2_313867-6 (3)
Winchester Plan 

Thoughtful Material Selection. Adair Homes stands at the forefront of Quiet Luxury, where every choice is a deliberate step towards creating a home of enduring elegance. Our laminate flooring, gracing the entry, kitchen, and nook areas, redefines standards by marrying sophistication with durability. It's a testament to our commitment to providing flooring that not only emanates luxury but stands the test of time. Meanwhile, our Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring, ideal for wet areas, seamlessly blends style and practicality, offering a lifetime of resilience and easy maintenance. This choice ensures that your living spaces remain both beautiful and functional, standing up to the rigors of daily life with grace.

Recognizing that individual tastes vary, Adair Homes offers tailored trim packages designed to cater to diverse aesthetics. Whether your preference leans towards the timeless elegance of Craftsman or the clean lines of Modern design, we provide distinct trim options to enhance your home's appeal. Every counter surface will be covered in quartz* with tile* backsplashes to complement. These thoughtful choices extend a personalized touch to every Adair home, allowing homeowners to curate spaces that resonate with their unique sense of style. Complementing this, our selection low-profile surface-mount LED lights in key areas such as the kitchen, great room, and hallways not only enhances energy efficiency but also contributes to a modern and luxurious ambiance, showcasing our commitment to illuminating brilliance in every aspect of home design.

*Laminate, LVT, and Quartz are only standard in PNW and Idado regions. Arizona has Granite as its standard.

*PNW has Quartz backsplash as standard and AZ has Subway Tile as its standard. 


Customization Within Your Budget. Adair Homes offers flexibility, allowing you to tailor aspects of your home to suit your unique style and preferences. We believe that luxury doesn't have to come with a prohibitive price tag! 

At Adair, your budget comes first. We understand that you are building an entire house, not just a Kitchen. That’s why every Adair customer has the opportunity to work with a professional designer at any of our Design Centers. Come in and choose custom and personalized touches for your home without exceeding your budget. 

Adair Homes incorporates design elements that stand the test of time, ensuring your home remains a haven of sophistication. From classic exteriors to carefully selected fixtures, tile, flooring, and trim—each detail contributes to the overall Quiet Luxury aesthetic.

Create Your Space. Each year, Pantone highlights a color they believe will be on trend and in high demand. This year is no different as Pantone announces ‘Peach Fuzz’ as THE color of the season. The color (PANTONE 13-1023) is a modern peach tone and a delightful breath of fresh air as it adds warmth wherever it goes. Peach Fuzz embodies a desire for connection and its nurturing element makes it an ideal choice for a variety of home elements, from rugs to tablecloths. 

Peach Fuzz

Because peach is nearly as close to neutral as you can get, it’s a fantastic color to add to the modern monotone palate—it adds just enough freshness to bring an update, but not so much color as to overpower a room. Try a few throw pillows, a blanket, or a piece of artwork that incorporates the color to see if it brings harmony to your home.

Achieving the Quiet Luxury look in your home involves a thoughtful and intentional approach to design. Here's a more detailed breakdown on how to attain this timeless and sophisticated aesthetic: 

1. Personalized Touches

15 Incredible Gallery Walls◾Opt for custom or personalized items that reflect your unique style. This can include custom-made furniture, bespoke artwork, or personalized decor elements. Try simple monogrammed mugs for the kitchen and utilize websites like Etsy and Pinterest to find artists who create custom pieces for a reasonable price.

◾Explore local artisans and craftsmen at Farmer’s Markets and local art shows who can create one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your aesthetic.

◾Consider creating a gallery wall with original artwork, family heirlooms, or items collected over the years. This adds a personalized touch to your home.

2. Vintage and Thrift Store Finds

b3faffba5a6946d61242575e0bd73c7a◾Embrace the thrill of vintage shopping by scouring flea markets and thrift stores. Look for pieces with character, craftsmanship, and a sense of history. Choose items made from natural elements like wood or jute. Skip the plastics!

◾Vintage textiles can add a layer of authenticity to your space. Look for muted colors with lots of texture.

◾Mixing old with new achieves a balanced and timeless look. This approach allows you to infuse your personality into the design while creating a cohesive and sophisticated space. Perhaps a library of old books balanced with new book ends will do the trick!

3. Invest in Quality 

◾Whatever you invest in, make sure it is built to last. Antique frames are built better than new, and some older furniture features details you’d never find at a big box store.

◾Select materials and finishes that are classic and enduring. Adair Homes, for instance, prioritizes quartz countertops for their durability and timeless elegance.

◾Avoid overly trendy or flashy elements and opt for subdued, high-quality materials that will maintain their appeal over the years.

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4. Make it Interesting!

◾Blend vintage or antique pieces with modern elements to create a balanced and eclectic look. This juxtaposition adds visual interest and prevents your space from feeling overly curated.

◾For example, pair a vintage coffee table with contemporary sofas—or mix traditional artwork with modern lighting fixtures. Whatever you do, bring a sense of play to the decor. You want to enjoy your own creation!

6. Attention to Detail 

◾Pay attention to the details in your home, as they play a crucial role in achieving a luxurious feel. Consider crown molding, architectural details, and carefully chosen hardware.

◾Invest in high-quality, well-crafted accessories that contribute to the overall sophistication of the space.


7. Neutral Color Palette

◾Stick to a neutral color palette with subtle pops of color, like the Pantone color of the year, Peach Fuzz. Neutrals create a timeless backdrop, allowing your key design elements to shine.

Remember, the essence of Quiet Luxury lies in embracing a design philosophy that transcends trends. By curating a space with intention, incorporating quality materials, and infusing your personality into the design, you can create a home that exudes sophistication and stands the test of time.

Adair Homes empowers you to embrace Quiet Luxury, guiding you through the process of curating a home that reflects your style, withstands trends, and remains an elegant sanctuary for years to come. By prioritizing quality, customization, and thoughtful design, Adair ensures that luxury is not just a dream but an attainable reality for every homeowner.

Adair Homes 

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