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Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Nov 28, 2018 9:01:44 AM
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Realtors with growing businesses are always looking for new opportunities to reach more people and connecting with other companies is an excellent way to get more referrals.

Working with hundreds of realtors over the years, we’ve compiled a list of local partnerships that have helped local realtor generate more clients.

So if you’re trying to generate more leads and expand your realtor business, consider forging new partnerships with these types of businesses.

Local Moving Companies

Homeowners in transition are a prime audience for realtors, and local moving companies interact with them all the time. Look for companies that have high-quality websites that provide useful information about the local area. As you build your relationship, ask about advertising opportunities on the website and in promotional materials. If they have a blog, become a guest writer and share your expertise about the real estate market in the area.

Home Service Providers

Many people who are planning to sell a home invest in some improvements before they put it on the market. Partnering with the service providers who do this type of work may increase the number of leads that contact you. Reach out to HVAC contractors, plumbers, electricians, and landscapers to build relationships from which you can both benefit. Remind them that many new homeowners—like your clients—need these same services. Custom home builders are also a great source for leads because their clients often need to sell existing homes.  

Legal Professionals

Lawyers who work in the areas of divorce and estate planning often work with clients who must sell property. Their recommendations are meaningful, so if you are the realtor they suggest, chances are you will see an increase in leads. Word-of-mouth advertising is by far the most effective, so take the time to build solid relationships with lawyers who work with potential sellers.

Financial Professionals

Accountants, loan officers, and financial planners are often the first people a potential buyer or seller goes to for advice. Real estate is a smart investment, so you could find some new buyer leads through this channel. Expanding families and downsizing retirees  who are selling their homes also work with these types of professionals, so look for seller leads here, too.

Large Local Employers

Make a list of the top three industries in your area and reach out to the largest employers. Whether it is a hospital, university, or professional services, many of these types of employers help new hires relocate to the area. This means finding a new home to buy and  setting up moving services. If you are the go-to realtor for these businesses, your lead base will naturally grow as they continue to attract new employees from other areas.

Other Realtors

It obviously doesn’t make sense to reach out to your local competition, but realtors in other areas can be some of your best allies. If you work in a suburban town, get in touch with realtors in the closest big city. Their selling clients could become your next buyers. Look for trends of people moving from other areas into your region to identify where to focus your attention.

Of course, building a partnership with any type of company requires some give and take. Think about what you have to offer in exchange for referrals. If you provide a welcome packet for your clients, offer to include coupons, brochures, and other marketing materials from your referral partners. Feature them on your website or blog to help them increase exposure. The stronger your network of local businesses is, the more referrals you will get.  

You can find new referral partners in a number of ways. Online searching is a good start, but old-fashioned networking is often one of the best ways to meet like-minded business owners who are looking to build partnerships. These are the people that are taking the time to invest in their own companies by developing relationships with other professionals. In order words, these are exactly the people you want to make connections with. Check your local Chamber of Commerce and other networking groups for opportunities. If you’re not finding them in your area, create your own event to get potential strategic partners in the same room.

If you’re looking for new opportunities, the Adair Homes realtor referral program is a great place to start. Many of our clients want to purchase land to build a new home or need to sell an existing house before they can invest in a custom home. With locations throughout the Pacific Northwest, there are plenty of opportunities for new realtor partners to get more leads.

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