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Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Mar 2, 2018 4:21:28 AM
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We recently sat down with Tyler Fitzgerald, one of Adair’s top realtors, to learn what’s worked best in building relationships with new clients.

Here's what Tyler shared that works best for him and his clients: 

1) What’s one tip that’s been most helpful for you in building your book of business? 

"Following up with past clients. You need to stay in front of people and continue to make yourself available, even if it seems the buying decision may be going nowhere. The truth is that most people are nervous when it comes to purchasing a home, but by continuing to help people and show support, you help yourself become more top of mind when those early fears and premonitions start to peel back."

2) What are the top three channels you use to market yourself and build your book of clients?

"The most helpful channels for me are to just pop by and talk to my clients. I find that face to face communication is the most effective way to learn my clients’ needs. After that, communication by phone is effective as well as e-mails. Social media is good and I also like to write handwritten notes to my clients to communicate in a personal way."

3) What challenges do you face when selling land vs. selling a finished home? 

"The biggest challenge when selling land is the research needed to determine costs of the building, especially water, septic/sewer, electricity and critical areas. A finished home already has that research completed, so there's quite a bit more work involved when selling land only." 

4) How do you overcome these?

"You really need to conduct throrough research so that you can understand the true costs to your clients. Without research, clients could very well be left with unexpected costs that can turn a relationship sour very quickly."

5) Given the competitive home buying market in the PNW, what are some tips you have on finding the best land options for your clients? 

"The best way to find land for a client is to discuss what they are looking for and ultimately defining their goals and vision for their home. If you can understand a client's goals and identify their "must-haves" when it comes to their property, it will allow you to better understand their vision and make searching for land much easier." 

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