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Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Sep 13, 2017 8:00:00 AM
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Successful realtors rely on multiple revenue streams to generate income through all types of market cycles. Some of these include typical home sales, land sales, property management, and partnering with custom home builders. With the latter, you have an opportunity to boost revenue by referring land clients who want to build a new home on the land you have sold them. If they decide to go with the builder you have recommended, you get a commission on the home, just as you would if you were selling an existing home.

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Working with a custom home builder also allows you to reach customers who might not have found you otherwise. For example, say a customer knows they want to build a custom home and they have found a builder they like, but they don’t yet have land. If you have a partnership with that builder and the customer is looking to buy in an area you serve, you’ll get a referral and an associated commission on the price of the home if you’re able to sell the customer an appropriate lot.

Benefits of Partnering with a Custom Home Builder

Of the many good reasons for realtors to partner with custom home builders, the following are just a few of the most appealing.

Boost Revenue

Perhaps the most obvious reason for realtors to partner with a custom home builder is to increase revenue. For every home you sell, you get a commission on the base contract price of the home. Remember, this is in addition to any commissions you receive from the land sale as well. Since you already have a relationship with the buyer, why not add to your income by recommending a builder you trust?

Increase Your Listings

Partnering with a custom home builder gives you another platform for your land listings, thereby increasing visibility for your company and reaching a targeted audience of people looking to both purchase land and build a new home.

Get More Listing Leads

Custom home builders work with a lot of people who need to sell their existing home in order to finance building a new home. Partnership with a builder boosts your listing leads because he or she will refer those clients to you if the customer doesn’t already have a selling agent.

Double Your Listings

You get twice the number of listings just by being a realtor partner. All of your existing and future land listings can also be transformed into house/land combination listings. You’ll reach the people just looking for land and the ones who want to build a new home at the same time. 

Offer More Options

You know what it’s like to have a client who just can’t seem to find the perfect house in the right location. These leads can take months or even years to close. If you have the ability to offer a land and home package, you get the best of both worlds. Your client gets to build in their preferred neighborhood and select a custom home floor plan that matches their needs, and you get to close a deal with a happy client.

Every homebuyer is different, and the more you can offer as a realtor, the likely you will be able to make a sale that results in a satisfied customer. You know from experience that the realty market changes all the time. Having the ability to sell existing homes, land, and new custom homes gives you and your customers more options through all sorts of market shifts. For more reasons to partner with a custom home builder such as Adair Homes, check out our Realtor Referral Program today.

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