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Home Roofing Options: Are IKO Shingles a Good Choice?

Although you might not think of the roof over your head every day, it plays an important role. In addition to providing shelter from the elements, home roofing also helps maintain a comfortable ...

Construction Loan Options: Financing Your Dream Home with Adair

For over 50 years, Adair Homes has built on-your-lot custom homes throughout the greater West.  Founded on the idea of helping people improve their quality of life through home ownership, Adair ...

Buying a Front Door for Your Home: Is Therma-Tru a Good Option?

  The front door of a home serves dual purposes. It must be both welcoming to occupants and guests and protect from unwanted visitors and the elements. When choosing a front door for your new home, ...

Cost to Build a New Custom Home in Northwest Washington

If you’ve been looking for fresh air and mild winters in an outdoor enthusiasts’ dreamland, you’ve been looking for Northwest Washington. Nestled between three prominent national parks of ...

Cost to Build a New Custom Home in Mid Columbia Valley

The fertile land to either side of the mighty Columbia River has been a destination long before the housing boom of the past few years. This area, crossing through both Oregon and Washington State, ...

Building in Treasure Valley: Answers to Common Questions and Where to Live

If you’ve been dreaming of living in Idaho—you’re not alone! Caldwell, Idaho and the entirety of the Treasure Valley has seen a fantastic revitalization in the past two years. Today, Caldwell is a ...

Real Estate News

Local Realtor Partnership Ideas

Realtors with growing businesses are always looking for new opportunities to reach more people and connecting with other companies is an excellent way to get more referrals. Working with hundreds of ...

Staging Land for Buyers: Tips for Realtors

If you have clients who are planning to build a new custom home and need to sell their existing house first, you want to help them get as much as possible from the sale. After all, the more they can ...

How to Ease Your Clients' Concerns About the Homebuilding Process

You’ve probably been there before: A client is on the verge of purchasing a lot, and they just can’t pull the trigger because they’re unsure about the homebuilding process. They want to know how long ...

Pro Team Profile: Gary Culp, Drafting Manager

Gary Culp, teammate, friend, and co-worker, has been nominated and received more internal awards than any other employee within Adair Homes. His can-do attitude and willingness to be of service to ...

Pro Team Profile: Chuck Wines, Home Ownership Counselor, Mid Willamette Valley

Anyone need a burst of energy? A good word? A bit of cheer? A visit with Chuck Wines, Home Ownership Counselor in the Mid Willamette Valley will give you just that. At Adair Homes, we pride ourselves ...


At Adair Homes, we aren’t just coworkers; we’re family. This sentiment echoes through each branch office, down every hallway, and on every jobsite. It’s the people that make this company special, and ...

Customer Blogs

New Adair Home - Toledo, OR

Follow this family’s custom home building journey in Mid-Willamette Valley, OR.

Spokane Model Home - Spokane, WA

See the complete building process of this beautiful Central Washington home.

Home on the Range - Vail, OR

Check out this customer’s “Home on The Range” in Vail, Oregon.

Building Birch Creek - Astoria, OR

See the complete transformation of this home in South Puget Sound.

Building Our House - Tillamook, OR

See the making of this two-story home on the Oregon Coast.

Our Lacey Adair Home - Lacey, WA

See the entire building process of this beautiful South Puget Sound home.

The Stephens New Adair Home - Eagle Creek, OR

See how the Stephen’s family built their dream home in North Willamette Valley.

The Mocks' Home Story - Poulsbo, WA

The Mocks’ family builds a new custom home in West Puget Sound.

Soldani Family - Hillsboro, OR

See how the Soldani family worked with Adair to build their beautiful Oregon Coast home.

Southern Oregon Dream - Eagle Point, OR

See the making of this two-story home in Mid Willamette Valley.

The Townsend's Adair Adventure - Newport, OR

Follow the journey of this couple’s dream home, built in the beautiful Oregon Coast.

Our 2432 - Medford, OR

See the full building process of this two-story home built in Southern Oregon.

Home Sweet Pullman - Pullman, WA

From start to finish, follow one customer’s home building journey in Inland Northwest, WA.

The Bailey Homestead - Olalla, WA

Learn how the Bailey’s build their beautiful homestead in West Puget Sound.

Build Me a House - Bainbridge Island, WA

See how one couple completely transformed their home in West Puget Sound.

North Albany Adair Home - Albany, OR

See the complete transformation of this North Willamette Valley home.

Adair Home - Camas, WA

Follow the complete custom build process of this gorgeous home in Southwest Washington.

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