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Posted by Gabbie Gately on Nov 8, 2023 11:30:00 AM

One Real Estate Duo's Partnership with Adair Homes 

There's a hidden treasure called Husum Greens in the charming town of White Salmon, Washington, in the magnificent Gorge area. This former golf course has become a custom home community that celebrates the splendor of its surroundings. A collaboration between realtors, investors, and Adair Homes, at the core of this transformation, has redefined the art of real estate development.

Imagine a serene community spread over 21 acres, offering breathtaking views that extend as far as the eye can see. The community features 35 homes designed to fit various budgets and lifestyles. Husum Greens is where dreams come true, all due to the partnership between a remarkable mother-and-daughter realtor team and Adair Homes.

Floor Plan Options for Developers_Adair Homes_Real Estate Investment Partnership

Payton Riggleman is a realtor who, together with her family, has chosen Adair Homes as the foundation of several of their real estate ventures. Payton and her mother, Heidi Struck, took on a unique project of listing and selling properties at Husum Greens. The zoning at Husum Greens allows for 5,000-square-foot properties, and with White Salmon facing a housing shortage, the potential was clear. 

The collaboration between Adair Homes and the real estate duo became more beneficial as they worked together to develop pricing for all seven available homesites, each with a distinctive floor plan. This level of support allowed them to cater to a wide range of buyers, from those on a budget to those seeking luxurious living.

Boosting Real Estate Investment Earnings Potential

Realtors can significantly increase their earnings by partnering with Adair Homes. They earn commissions not only on land sales but also from Adair Homes, making it a game-changer in the industry. This dual commission structure motivates realtors to bring their best work forward and boosts their income.

Payton Riggleman shared that her entire family has built homes with Adair Homes in the past year, and they are all satisfied with their experience. Currently, Payton and her mom, who is her business partner, are building their second home together. They plan to list their Whidbey plan home, which sits on half an acre just outside White Salmon and is part of the same golf course as the development.

Commission Game Changer_Adair Homes_Real Estate Investment Partnership (1)

Marketing Support for Real Estate Partners

Adair Homes Real Estate Referral ProgramMarketing can be a significant expense for real estate professionals, but Adair Homes took care of that for Husum Greens. They provided large 4x8 signs, custom community maps, and eye-catching social media posts to generate excitement around the project. This partnership helps turn dreams into reality and creates a buzz within the community.

Husum Greens has had a successful start to selling homes in their rural setting. In just one month, they have secured four sales, with more in the works. This achievement is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovative marketing, and the appeal of Adair Homes' custom-built properties.

Many potential buyers need help with financing land purchases. Fortunately, Adair Financial specializes in construction loans and offers attractive promotions to bridge the gap between land acquisition and construction. This unique approach sparks interest, making Husum Greens an attractive proposition for realtors and their clients. 

Benefits of the Pro Team: The Irreplaceable Sarah

In this partnership, Sarah Reeves from the Adair Homes team in Woodland is one of the shining stars. She is dedicated and has an impressive memory, which makes her the go-to resource for the realtor team. Sarah builds not only a professional but also a personal relationship with her clients. She is always there to provide valuable insights and quick responses.  

Payton Riggleman says, "Sarah is amazing. I love her and pretty much have her on speed dial. Her memory and knowledge are impressive. I bought a house from her in March, and she remembers everything. Plus, she is always there and is very responsive."

Empowering Real Estate Investors

Heidi Struck and Payton Riggleman

Adair Homes offers a unique and personalized journey, not just a partnership. The real estate team at Husum Greens values the freedom to customize their plans to meet the preferences of each buyer. From selecting the perfect floor plan to choosing the ideal upgrades, the process is guided by the buyers without being constrained by unnecessary waiting periods.

Husum Greens is located in the heart of White Salmon, where the stunning landscape meets the charm of a small town. It is a testament to the magic that happens when visionaries like Payton Riggleman, Heidi Struck, and Adair Homes come together. This partnership offers the promise of financial prosperity, marketing support, and unparalleled flexibility, resulting not only in a community but also in a story worth sharing.

Husum Greens is not just a housing development; it's a testament to the possibilities when real estate professionals partner with a builder who understands the industry inside and out.

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