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Melissa Lynn Galland

My passion for homebuilding dates back to early childhood when my father and uncle started up a construction company in California. After nearly two decades of marketing experience, I was honored to join the Adair Homes team in 2015. I am proud to promote our message of affordable quality homes so that even more future homeowners can realize their dream. Rooted in the PNW; you are likely to find me hiking, volunteering in my daughter's theater group, or curled up with a good book when I am not when I am not coordinating our advertising efforts or dreaming up creative concepts that might make the customer experience a little more enjoyable.
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Recent Posts

Environmental Homebuilding Regulations in Washington

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Apr 4, 2017 8:25:58 AM

Topics: Build a Custom Home

Every state has different building codes and environmental regulations that must be considered when building a new home. Failure to understand and follow these regulations can result in major construction delays, penalties, and higher costs as the construction timeline stretches. Fortunately, you can avoid these problems by working with an experienced builder that has navigated the Washington environmental regulations before.

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Building a Home in Idaho? 3 House-Plan Designs for the Gem State

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Mar 21, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Topics: Floor Plans

With sweeping vistas, a temperate climate, and easy access to outdoor recreation, it’s no wonder many people want to build a home in Idaho. If you are moving to the Gem State from another area or simply upgrading from your current Idaho home, selecting the house-plan design that is right for your family is a big decision.  

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What the Hirst Decision Means for Spokane County Homebuilders

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Mar 16, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Topics: Build a Custom Home

If you live in Spokane County, you might have heard about a recent Washington Supreme Court decision that affects how counties decide to approve or deny building permits that use wells for a water source. If you are in the process of building a home or plan to build one in the future, the Hirst decision could affect your project, so it’s important to understand the changes.

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Adair Homes unveils New, Bigger Design Center in Spokane, WA

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Nov 9, 2016 2:44:45 PM

Topics: Custom Home Design

Adair Homes is thrilled to announce the completion of our latest Design Center & Showroom in Spokane, Washington. Our Grand Opening Festivities will take place November 17th from 4 to 7 pm and will feature in-person demonstrations and a Question-Answer session by our award-winning interior designer, Lorri Dunn.

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You’re Invited! Design Center Grand Opening in Creswell, OR

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Jun 21, 2016 8:00:58 AM

Topics: Custom Home Design, Floor Plans

We can’t keep the secret any longer. Our hardworking team has been busy creating something new and exciting in Creswell, OR. We’re excited to announce that on Tuesday, June 28th we will celebrate the Grand Opening of our brand new Creswell Design Center… and you’re invited!

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How to (Affordably) Own a Beach House in the Pacific Northwest

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Mar 22, 2016 10:51:53 AM

Topics: Homebuilding Tips, Floor Plans, Design

Let’s face it - few childhood memories are as cherished as summers spent at the beach. The smell of salt air, the feel of sand between your toes, and the sound of a crackling fire in the outdoor fire pit as marshmallows roast on a stick. Watching the spectacular Pacific Northwest sunsets and waking up to the sounds of waves crashing on the beach.

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Reasons to Retire in the Pacific Northwest

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Jan 19, 2016 8:00:45 AM

Topics: Northwest Washington

Not sure what it’s like to retire in the Pacific Northwest? In one word, it’s glorious. You’ll enjoy wonderful weather all year, plenty of amazing things to do (and eat), and lots of great neighbors. Here are four reasons you should consider retiring here in the Pacific Northwest:

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Now Open! New Design Center in North Bend, WA

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Nov 17, 2015 12:46:50 PM

Think you know Adair Homes? If so, we invite you to experience our brand new Design Center in North Bend, WA. Our new Design Center is unlike anything we’ve ever offered before, and our recent Grand Opening event has already been making headlines and creating a lot of excitement.

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How to Find Land in the Pacific Northwest

Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Dec 17, 2014 2:49:28 PM

Topics: South Puget Sound

What’s a good price for land in the Pacific Northwest? It depends on your idea of the perfect location for your dream home. Do you envision an easy to manage .5 acres in Vancouver, WA or an ultra-private 700 acres in Butte Valley, OR? An ocean view lot 100 feet from the beach or close to a river with a boat dock and swimming area?

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