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Posted by Kari Montoya on Mar 8, 2021 10:38:00 AM

The Real Estate market is on fire right now. With low interests rates, it feels like the right time to get into the home of your dreams. When looking at the marketplace, you’ll have two choices: buy existing, or build new. While Adair Homes has always made the case for building new—now it appears we aren’t the only ones espousing the advantages of new construction. Real Estate authority Zillow recently released a report on the current state of homebuilding entitled ‘New Construction, Consumer Housing Trends Report’. Inside the report they’ve collated information from Realtors and Home Sellers on the why’s behind the new desire for custom construction.


Adair Homes Gold Fixtures Kitchen Dining-1

Top 6 Reasons

  1. 1. Smart Home Features
  3. "35% of Zillow's new construction home buyers that were asked about their top three reasons for buying a newly built home, point to the appealing home features."
Adair Homes Custom Sauna Master Bedroom

  1. With today’s technology, there are unparalleled opportunities to integrate lighting and sound systems throughout a new home, not to mention data ports, USB outlets, and built-in wifi routers. With new construction, you can dictate the kind of new technology and smart home features you want integrated in your home. 
  3. 2. Desirable Location
  1. "37% of new construction buyers who were asked to pick their top three reasons for buying a newly built home, name the home's location."
Adair Homes Lake View
  2. It’s the number one rule of real estate: buy in a desirable location. When building new construction, you’ll be able to identify exactly where you want to live and focus on buying land in that area. Your location dictates school choice, work commute, and zoning.
  4. 3. Everything NEW
  6. "When asked to pick their top three reasons for buying a newly built home, 41% of buyers cite the fact that everything in the home is new and never used."
Adair Homes Modern Kitchen
  2. Imagine every appliance in your home is brand new and comes with a warranty. There’s peace of mind knowing that your microwave and refrigerator are new, energy efficient, and free of mold and fungi. And then, there’s the carpeting throughout new homes—never been walked on, spilled upon, or torn by animals. New homes appeal to people who are looking for a fresh start.
  4. 4. Ability to Customize
  1. "27% of buyers also cited the ability to add customizations, as a reason to purchase a new construction home."
Adair Homes Master Suite Master Bath
  2. Like to entertain? How about a bigger kitchen island? Like to live an indoor/outdoor lifestyle? A covered porch might be the perfect addition. Need an extra bedroom? Add it on. There are a million different ways you can customize a new home and add value where value should be added. Your lifestyle dictates the home you build.
  4. 5. Value Added
  6. We all have priorities. If you’re a budding chef, you might want to invest in a super deep stainless steel sink. Perhaps you prioritize relaxation, and a jetted tub is a desirable addition to your home. When you build a custom home, you get to make the decisions about what value-added items are balanced inside the budget.
Adair Homes Farmsink Farmhouse

  1. At Adair Homes our customers average an equity position of 25% at move-in. 
  2. 6. Floorplan Selection
  4. "Of those polled, 26% stated that being able to select the layout of the home was a top reason for buying new construction."
  2. From the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, to the size of your Great Room, choosing your own floorplan is the number one reason most people desire to build a custom home. Homes should reflect the people that live inside them, whether you are a multi-generational family or a retired couple looking to downsize. Choosing your own floorplan is a major advantage to building new. Download our Floorplan Guide to find your family's dream home!


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