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Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on May 17, 2021 6:15:00 AM
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Adair Homes is excited to introduce a brand new duplex custom home floor plan:
The Pines.

Exterior view of The Pines - a duplex custom home plan

If you’re in the market for a flexible home, Adair Homes has the home for you. 

The Pines is a side-by-side duplex packed with some of our most popular design features and offers an almost unlimited number of options for use: as a first home, a vacation home, investment property, and more. The Pines is also a popular option for multigenerational families because both units are very spacious. 

The two units are designed with great room concepts that are suitable for hosting or relaxing. One can imagine the many activities that could take place here: a dinner party with friends or a quiet night spent with the family. The spaciousness extends to practical use in these units too. The bedrooms are on separate sides of the house, and the master bedroom comes with a utility closet for extra storage.

Just as we promote customization on nearly every house we design, buyers of The Pines have the opportunity to add a back patio, extra garage space, or studio. Regardless of the size of your family, you can bet that The Pines will suit your living needs. 

Here are just a few reasons why The Pines is one of our most exciting floor plans:


Duplex vacation home1. Vacation Home (with Income?)

The Pines is an excellent solution for vacationing for your family and friends. With two separate units, there is plenty of privacy—even more than in a single house—yet you can stay close by to get together for fun activities and meals.  

The Pines is also an excellent option for renting out to those looking for a vacation spot. Services such as Airbnb make it easy to rent out your vacation home for additional income, but that means that you aren’t able to enjoy your vacation home year-round. Not so with the duplex. Build The Pines near the beach, near the slopes, or along the river and you can use one unit for your family and rent the other unit out for income.

With the many changes our country has experienced, now is the best time to take advantage of this purchasing opportunity. Certain industries have implemented a permanent or partial remote work policy, which allows employees to work from nearly anywhere in the country. Supplying a home base for travelers to experience the natural setting around your home could be potentially very lucrative. 

For those who have traded in city living for more natural settings, you could consider this home a rental investment by renting out the second unit for a long-term stay. Whether you use the rent money to fund your mortgage or for additional cash, this duplex is a smart investment.

If you and your family experience an itch to travel, consider renting out both units as short-term stays while you go out on your own adventure. Renting out your units even for a few weeks out of the year could offset major costs. If this is an interesting option to you, use the extra utility closet to store away items that you prefer guests don’t see.


investment property Oregon and Washington and Idaho

2. Multi-Generational Duplex Housing

Families come in all shapes and sizes. For some families, a multigenerational home might mean older parents or relatives move in to help care for small children, to receive care, or to cut housing costs. For others, it might mean college graduates live at home to save money.

There are many benefits to living in a multigenerational home, and many find that the stress of everyday living decreases when household responsibilities are shared. These responsibilities can include cooking and cleaning, lawn care, renovation projects and expenses, hosting responsibilities, and many more.  

The Pines is designed with multigenerational families in mind. Even if the second unit is used for a rental space, the units have two bedrooms in addition to the master suite. If elderly parents move in, the bedroom on the main floor is large enough to accommodate. If your child moves back home after college, the space between the second-floor bedroom and the master suite is significant enough to allow for privacy. And with two bathrooms in the unit, no one will need to wait in line. However, if it seems like this still isn’t enough space, the optional studio can be a second bedroom or privacy area.

No matter your multigenerational housing situation, a little bit of space and privacy would likely help everyone feel less stressed. A duplex custom home plan can provide the convenience and cost-saving benefits of a shared home while still allowing everyone to maintain their independence as much as possible.


Happy couple hanging picture on the wall at home3. Smart Solution for a First Home

The Pines can be a great solution for a first home. You can keep expenses lower by living in one unit and renting out the other for additional income. This can make the cost of owning a home more manageable and even give you more peace of mind in the case of a job loss or other unexpected life event. It can also be a great way to plan for the future by providing additional income to fund retirement or college expenses.

No matter the size of your household, whether you’re a working professional or a family just getting started, The Pines is a great first investment for a manageable mortgage. Plus, the space is smaller, which makes cleaning much easier. If family or friends come to stay, or if your family unit grows, there are two extra bedrooms in addition to the master suite. For those interested in hosting, an island can be added to the kitchen in the final design. Plus, a patio provides ample space for entertaining guests outdoors.


Thoughtful senior lady sitting at home with her fingers to her chin reminiscing and recalling fond memories, close up portrait4. A Fun Way to Fund Retirement

Need a little extra income to fund your retirement? Right-sizing from a large home to a smaller, more manageable home is a great way to give you more freedom in your retirement years. With The Pines, you can live in one unit and rent the other unit out to either trusted tenants or family members to live close by and help out around the property. 

If you’re not quite ready for retirement but are keeping your eye on it, consider building The Pines now and renting out both units until you’re ready to retire and move in. Renting the units is a perfect way to offset mortgage payments and use them as a long-term investment. Consider building your home from a distance, like the Ernos family did, if you’re interested in retiring to the Pacific Northwest or Arizona.

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Adair Homes has been building dream homes across the country for the last 50 years. In that time, we’ve helped more than 20,000 families achieve their dream of homeownership, and we take pride in making sure our customers find the perfect home that not only fits their lifestyle but also fits their budget. 

We also understand that our clients are unique in their own way and that their homes should reflect that. That’s why we encourage our customers to design their home with their vision in mind. Customize The Pines so that it suits your personal aesthetic and living needs.

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