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Posted by Kari Montoya on Nov 1, 2020 9:15:00 AM

Building a forever home is a once in a lifetime joy; a custom floorplan and personalized touches can add so much to your daily lifestyle. So many of our Adair Homes’ customers have been happily surprised at the immeasurable enjoyment of the little things: a long-desired walk-in pantry, the extra third bay in a garage, a wrap-around porch with egress off the kitchen. But building a house isn’t always easy—or fun. In reality, there are a variety of challenges to be met in every build job. One of the more obvious, but often overlooked obstacles, is distance.


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Can You Build a Home from Afar?

Today’s population is increasingly mobile across the board; relocation isn’t reserved for any one industry, or age group. While many retirees opt to live where they spent their working years, as many as 37% of seniors will move a substantial distance after retirement to take advantage of a milder climate, proximity to family, and improve their financial footing. 

After observing her sister and brother-in-law’s beautiful Adair custom home in Washington State, Nancy’s interest was piqued. While she and her husband, Joe, had made their life in Louisiana, they couldn’t help but wonder if a custom home might be in their future, too. It didn’t take long before they had found a beautiful piece of property in Ocean Park, Washington and reached out to Adair Homes, themselves. Joe Erno said, “My wife’s sister and husband built their home with Adair and got us interested after seeing their finished home.”

Physically, Louisiana and Washington State are worlds apart—but thanks to a little ingenuity and a lot of technology, the Adair Homes Pro Team based out of Southwest Washington was able to help the Erno’s through the planning process.

We had an early continuing email and conference call correspondence with our Home Ownership Counselor (Jay), who made us feel at ease each time we made contact.”

When researching house plans, the Erno’s knew they loved the Taylor plan—but it had far more square footage than what they were really looking for. After some suggestions from their Home Ownership Counselor, Jay Sauers, they opted for a customized version of the Arcadia East plan, instead. To customize the home, the Erno’s chose a modern exterior elevation, vinyl plank flooring, granite countertops, and added a separate shop—fully insulated and heated—for Joe.

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Here's the Deal

While dreaming about the perfect home is fun, when it comes to actually making the hundreds of decisions about materials and space planning, decision fatigue is real. That’s where Adair’s Pro Teams come in. Joe and Nancy were able to utilize Jay Sauers’ knowledge and home building experience to walk through the toughest decisions. And when they met with their interior designer to look at finishes, colors, and flooring—technology came through, and bridged the distance. 

“Since Nancy and I were unable to fly back in time to meet with the designer, we did a "face time" meeting with her instead and went through all the options—and were able to see them at the same time.”  

This kind of collaboration resulted in a beautiful, timeless home—fulfilling every one of Nancy’s desires. 

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the Erno’s faced a two month construction delay—but their project superintendent, Eric Kolbas, persevered. Through weekly communication, he was able to keep the Erno’s informed of everything happening locally—and push things forward as soon as possible. In the end, even though the build job took longer than anticipated, Kolbas said he was, “thankful he had the opportunity to be part of building their forever home, and the friendship they developed throughout the process.”

The Adair Way

A beautiful home, a successful relocation—and $50k in move-in equity. The Erno’s experience is a direct result of Adair Homes’ core values at work. Every day, we work as a team to give our customers great value and excellent service. Doing the right thing by each customer is primary to our success as a business. The Erno’s are no exception—but a great example of how we will find a way to make your dream home a reality. 


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