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Posted by Kari Montoya on Jul 13, 2022 7:00:00 AM

Your new kitchen is the heart of your home. Clearly the most used area of any house, it is the nucleus of all activity and any gathering. If there was a space in which to put a custom twist into your design—the kitchen deserves all the attention.


4377_Kitchen_312145-9 (2)

However, a custom kitchen can also quickly become the most expensive room of your home without a clear budget and a full proof plan. Building with Adair? We can help you design the luxurious kitchen of your dreams all within your budget. How?

Step by step, let’s tackle kitchen design!

1. The Layout

Begin with the basics. How will you utilize your kitchen? Will this be the chef’s space, or an entertainment zone? Will you be serving homemade meals to a large family? As you envision your kitchen, what are the stand-out design pieces? Narrowing down your must-have’s is an essential part of the process.


Adair Homes’ plan are all professionally designed to be both functional and stylish—so you can find an open concept kitchen, or a traditional off-set kitchen with views—whichever you prefer. Big islands or peninsulas are always available!

2. The Color Palette

Colors set the tone. Neutral or bright, organic or moody—your color palette will help determine the direction of your kitchen design. Start by considering how you want the kitchen to feel, and go from there!

Custom_Kitchen_311149-5 (1)

Pinterest is a great place to start. Begin by making a kitchen board and sharing it with your home ownership counselor. Then, pin away! Pin everything that you like—even if it’s just the overall feeling of the space. Eventually, a color palette will emerge. 

Your Home Ownership Counselor can help you make selections within your color palette and budget from over 1,000 options available in our Design Center!

3. Choosing the Right Appliances

Did you know that every Adair Home’s base price includes a Stainless Steel appliance package? Stainless Steel offers a clean and modern look to any kitchen. 

1950 - Alexander - 311956-10 (33)

To achieve the look of luxury, you can upgrade to a backless gas or electric range with an overhead hood. These touches go a long way to making an unforgettable space.

4. Choosing the Right Countertops

Your hard surfaces should complement your color palette. There are plentiful options of neutral countertops—from bright whites and grays, to beige and creams. What something bolder? Black counters are coming back around, as well as organic marbled patterns.  

1952_Oswego_312605-8 03

Adair Homes offers many Quartz counter options that mimic marble countertops without the heavy cost and maintenance of the natural stone. 

2688_Olympus_312894-9 25

If you don’t have the budget for a solid surface countertop, laminate can still look luxurious! The options available today will surprise you.

5. Choosing the Right Cabinets

Review your Pinterest board—do you see a particular cabinet style repeated? Many modern and popular kitchens today are utilizing Flat-Front Slab cabinets.

2226 - Vaughn - 311635-16 (3)
(pictured above: kitchenette in ADU)

At Adair, you can choose between multiple gorgeous finishes for this style of cabinet, including various stain and paint options. Visit one of our Design Showrooms to see these finishes in person.
2512 - Creston - 307824-5 (38)

Pro-tip: Make sure you opt for the soft-close option!

6. Attractive Hardware

Once you’ve chosen your cabinet doors, it’s time to carefully choose cabinet hardware. Consider whether you prefer the look and feel of knobs or handles—there is a functional place for both, as well as a price difference between the two. 


Matte black is a popular trend in hardware right now, and is an available option when you build with Adair.

2979 - Tamarack - 312390-13 (19) - 11-1

If you have a strict budget, remember that hardware is a simple upgrade that can be changed later on.

7. Choosing a Backsplash

This is where you can really get creative! There are so many options for beautiful, modern, and classic backsplashes available today. Emser tile’s new lines of contemporary tiles in organic blues and greens are a sure hit in any space, especially a kitchen.

Consider a backsplash with a unique shape or fun pattern like honeycomb or herringbone—kitchens are a great space to spice things up.

Pro Tip: If you have a busy countertop, go for a more subtle backsplash, and visa-versa.

8. Lighting

Lighting is the jewelry of a room. Lighting is the most visible representation of your room’s style. Modern? Rustic French? Nordic? Styled correctly it can bring a room together and make the statement.

3120 - Fitzpatrick - 311603-11 - 20 (1)
Pendant lighting is a popular choice among homeowners. Both stylish and functional, it provides additional lighting for cooking and prep areas. Did you know that you can often change the bulbs to adjust the lumen output? Ask what kind of bulb your pendant lighting requires in order to understand how bright your lighting can really get.


Do you have some antique lights? Or perhaps, you’ve been eyeing a drop light from a manufacturer outside of our current providers? Adair can provide the electrical rough-in to prepare for the style of any lights you choose to install—just let your HOC know the plan!

9. Styling the Final Product

It’s difficult to do but don’t clutter your countertops! This is the most important thing to remember. The cleaner it is, the more Luxe it looks!

2226 - Vaughn - 311635-16 (31)

You can find great deals for decor at Amazon or Target. Here are some ideas to get you started: 
  *A marble or concrete bowl makes a great statement piece in the center of an island.
  *Consider a potted herb that you use regularly to style up the space.
  *An espresso machine. This appliance not only looks chic, but makes you an amazing cup of coffee!

VOILA! You have a kitchen worth Pinteresting yourself—a luxe space for dining, cooking, entertaining and living your best life. Adair style!

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