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Posted by Kari Montoya on Jan 11, 2022 1:54:47 PM

Adair Homes is known for quality craftsmanship at a price you can afford throughout the Western United States. We’ve built our business around the premise that home ownership provides financial freedom—and when we work with our customers—we help them build wealth. With this in mind, Adair has always built homes a bit differently than the rest of the Homebuilders out there… We’ve invited our homeowners to roll up their sleeves and work alongside our contractors, thereby earning sweat equity throughout the building process. As a result, Adair homeowners have realized more equity at closing than the typical new home buyer.


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More Than Ever Before

While we continue to support building wealth during homebuilding—our processes are ever evolving as a result from customer feedback. We understand that today's homeowner has less interest and availability to participate in some of the more time consuming aspects of their build. As of December 15th, 2021, Adair’s base home price will now include some line items otherwise omitted in previous years. Interior and exterior painting, construction clean-up and haul-off, dry-out, and a number of other ‘upgrades’ have now become standard in our base home package.

Saving You Time and Money

Paint Me Happy

Time is valuable, and while painting seems easy on the outset—it can become a time consuming and frustrating job. Having the correct materials, know-how, and paint consistency—all plays a part in how the end result comes out. We’ve listened, and we understand! From now on, all interior and exterior paint is included in the base price of our homes—and that includes painting the interior garage walls and ceiling! 


Looking Good!

Adair is also offering customers over twenty professionally curated paint schemes for both the interior and exterior of your home. Don’t get bogged down with the plethora of choices. Our designers have done their homework and created thoughtful pairings for every style and taste. 

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Additionally, our partnership with Sherwin Williams guarantees you the highest quality paint, without compromise.

Haul it Away

Construction sites are busy. Everyday new subcontractors arrive and coordinate their skills in a structured—but sometimes complicated—dance. As a result, debris accumulates and requires haul-off. Managing this construction debris cleanup can become burdensome as schedules are tightened and time is of the essence. As a result, Adair Homes is now taking care of construction clean-up for all of our customers.

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Dry Out 

During the rainy winter months in the Northwest, exposed materials can retain and absorb moisture resulting in construction delays. Many people attempt to dry new construction themselves resulting in costly delays. Costs of self drying include:

  • Construction loan extensions
  • Rental of drying equipment
  • Electricity for fans
  • Fuel for heaters
  • Daily travel to job site to fill heater fuel tanks
  • The cost of your second home during construction

Thanks to customer feedback, we’ve changed our system. Our customers no longer have to handle the dryout of their homes, Adair does it for them!

Upgraded Layout

Let’s just simplify things and do it right. 

All homes that once allowed Primary and Dual Primary Upgraded layouts, now have the "upgraded layout" as Standard. That’s just the way it should be. Adair customers no longer have to pay extra for upgraded layouts, especially in their primary bathrooms. Now you can expect a dual vanity, a soaking tub, and a separate shower.

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The List Goes On!

A list of further base-home amenities:

  • 80-gallon water heater on all homes with soaker tubs
  • 4'-5' Shower doors are included on all showers and shower upgrades, where applicable. (Does not include tub/showers or custom shower doors.)
  • 512 Suite now includes a garbage disposal, matching plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, and bath accessories
  • Phone data will be Cat 5 wire
  • Staining the entry door will be included on craftsman elevation
  • Flat-counter Islands with sinks will automatically get an air switch in lieu of a wall switch for the garbage disposal
  • Exterior trim will no longer be James Hardie. Instead, home will receive treated white wood siding in the West region and LP in the east
  • All new Interior lighting selections
  • All flush mount lights will be the same size regardless of placement
  • Base home plans will include a lighting standard in all bathrooms. A primary bath will have two 3-light fixtures, the secondary baths will have one 4-light fixture, and powder baths will include one 2-light fixture. 

Raising the Bar

It is our genuine delight to continue raising the bar in home construction. Our customers are our best spokespeople. Not only do we thrive on their word-of-mouth referrals, our business depends on their satisfaction, gained equity, and genuine love-of-home.

To see the base home price offered near you, look to our website and select the region you wish to build in.

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