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Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on May 16, 2021 9:28:00 AM
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Choosing from various house siding options is an important step in the design process. Your home’s exterior says a lot about you. Do you want to stand out from the neighbors, blend in with an established aesthetic, or do you have specific features in mind? Materials, styles, and colors all play a role in the overall look and feel of your home.

Different types of siding also require varying levels of maintenance and durability. At Adair Homes, we use low-maintenance, long-lasting materials, such as James Hardie fiber cement siding and weather-resistant cedar shingles, to create the look you desire without the hassle of cracking, bending, rusting, or fading that can occur with other types of siding materials.

6 Benefits of James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

Here are six reasons why we choose James Hardie fiber cement siding for every home we build:

  • Rot-resistant: Many homebuilders choose to use wood or vinyl for their siding. Due to humidity and moisture, wood products often warp and decay. In low temperatures, vinyl products can crack. By using fiber cement, James Hardie siding resists moisture, dampness, warping, and rot. 
  • Noncombustible: If you’re concerned at all about house fires, James Hardie fiber cement is resistant to fire; no vinyl or wood siding can say the same.
  • Termite-free: You don’t need to worry about invasive bugs when you install James Hardie siding. This is especially true with termites which feed on wood, not cement.
  • Won’t melt: Whether it’s a hot summer day or you’re grilling a little too close to the house, James Hardie fiber cement won’t melt or warp like vinyl.
  • Easily painted: Settling on one paint color for your forever home shouldn’t need to be a decision you make. People change, and so do their preferences. Paint your fiber cement siding with ease when you settle on a new color. 
  • Energy-efficient: Fiber cement is one of the most energy-efficient options on the market in its capacity to contain interior temperatures and withstand extreme weather, keeping you safe and your energy costs low. 


While it’s important to note these qualities and the role they play in the longevity of a home, fiber cement also has a great aesthetic appeal and contributes to the overall value of the home. 

5 House Siding Options to Consider

One of the many benefits of fiber cement siding is that it comes in a wide range of sizes, shapes, patterns, and colors, so you can tailor your home’s exterior to almost any type of design aesthetic. To learn more about the ways you can customize the house siding options at Adair Homes, read on. 


1. Lap Siding

Perhaps one of the most recognizable types of siding is lap siding. Historically, it was made from wood and then later from more durable materials such as aluminum or vinyl. HardiePlank lap siding gives you the best of all worlds with clapboard siding that has the optional look of wood grain but the many benefits of fiber cement. If you want a more contemporary clapboard look, you can get smooth planks as well. One of the best options for a soft texture that mimics wood is our Cedarmill siding.

To select from a shade that fits your aesthetic preference and region, you can explore the extensive palette of colors available. And to bring your siding to a whole new level, you can select siding options from the Dream Collection, which includes the following:

  • Beaded Cedarmill is perfect for a coastal color palette.
  • Beaded Smooth is a board with a bit of an edge and perfect for those with a contemporary flair.
  • Colonial Roughsawn is a traditional Dutch lap that mirrors historic architecture.
  • Colonial Smooth is a smoother take on the Dutch lap.


Whether your style is traditional or modern, HardiePlank lap siding gives you both the look you want and reliability. 


2. Traditional Board and Batten

Combining two types of siding can give your home a unique look with a more textured exterior. Board and batten siding, also sometimes called barn siding, uses large, vertically aligned boards that are spaced with narrow strips (battens). HardiePanel vertical siding comes in wood grain, smooth, and stucco styles to help you create your own unique look. Many people choose to transition from horizontal to vertical siding to accentuate roof peaks and dormers.

You can select from a number of HardieTrim boards, all of which are rot- and warp-resistant:

  • 4/4 Rustic is a board with a wood-like texture and vintage appeal.
  • 4/4 Smooth is a simple board that never goes out of style.
  • 5/4 Rustic is a textured board that replicates wood.
  • 5/4 Smooth is a crisp trim that gives the house a sleek look.
  • Rustic Grain Batten Boards is a board with a rustic grain finish to create a traditional, charming look. 
  • Smooth Batten Boards is a board with a smooth finish for a more contemporary look. 


For a traditional yet unique look, HardieTrim traditional board and batten is right for you. 


3. Vertical Siding

If you desire a break from the more traditional look of horizontal siding, consider vertical siding. Currently, vertical siding trends with the farmhouse design, but Adair Homes specializes in vertical siding with our Riada Collection. Vertical siding isn’t all about its unique look and curb appeal; it’s also a very durable option. Most notably, vertical siding draws moisture away from the interior structure. Plus, because the boards are vertical, they are easy to clean, and the water won’t soak and cause damage to the panels.

HardiePanel vertical siding comes in a variety of styles to match your preference:

  • Select Cedarmill has a natural cedar look and a soft texture that matches wood.
  • Smooth is a sleek, modern siding that comes in a variety of color options and can be primed for painting. 
  • Stucco has a warm, inviting look but with the strength of fiber cement. 
  • Sierra 8 combines texture and linear detail to add dimension. 


If you’re looking for a modern style for your home, the durable HardiePanel on an Adair custom home is the right choice. 


4. Natural Stone

Many homeowners love the look and feel of natural stone exteriors, especially at the base of the house. Stone evokes a feeling of permanence and sturdiness that adds a sense of dignity and luxury to a home. With a stone veneer, you can get this timeless look to enhance your overall curb appeal at an affordable price.  

Because stone has a natural look, there is very little maintenance and cleaning. In fact, you can let the rain do the work for you. Using stone on the direct exterior of your home insulates the property from extreme weather, saving energy costs. Finally, there are a variety of options for styling and finishes, including limestone, sandstone, granite, and more. 

If you’re still unsure, peruse the Adair Homes options that come with natural stone exteriors.


5. Shingles and Shakes

Wood shingles, which are split and have a rougher texture, are classic siding options, especially for coastal regions. If you choose wood, cedar is an excellent option because of its durability and natural resistance to rot. However, you can get the same look from HardieShingle installed either staggered or straight, depending on the lines you are trying to achieve. Shingles and shakes can be applied to the entire exterior of a home, used to create accents, or included as one of several siding options in a Craftsman-style home.


HardieShingle comes in a variety of siding options:

  • Straight edge panel is a clean-lined panel that can bring a softness to a contemporary design or refine a rustic style. 
  • Staggered edge panel has intrigue to its look and can be applied to a variety of styles of homes, but specifically to a cottage or ranch home. 
  • Individual shingles create a unique look if you choose to mix and match textured and smooth shingles. 
  • Half-rounds provide your home with a more traditional look. 


Whether you want a more modern or traditional look, these siding options come with many of Adair’s custom homes. 

Color Pairing to Match Your Aesthetic 

All of these house siding options can be painted in matching or complementary colors. With James Hardie ColorPlus technology, you also get the benefits of consistent coverage and fade resistance. With a curated color palette, you can choose from a broad range of modern options without having to sift through thousands of paint swatches provided by multiple manufacturers.      

The best part is that you can mix and match any of these siding options to create a look that is all your own. Whether you choose the Classic, Traditions, Signature, Impressions, or Craftsman package, you can customize as much or as little as you want to get an exterior that is just right for you. Plus, you can rest assured that the color you carefully choose is protected from UV light. 

If you’re unsure of how to go about choosing a color, one way to do so is to choose from a number of colors that are specific to your region. The following colors are inspired by the natural scenery of some of the most beautiful places and seasons in the country.

Arctic White resembles snowcapped mountains and winter’s first flakes of snow.
  • Cobble Stone has a rich, neutral taupe-based hue with warm undertones and works particularly well with darker accent colors. 
  • Navajo Beige, a classic look, resembles the neutral tones of the desert and works well with nearly any stonework. 
  • Boothbay Blue soothes like a body of water and fits those who love a softer blue.  


Intrigued but not quite for you? Discover more house siding colors here

About Adair Homes

At Adair Homes, we believe in quality and customization, which means we partner with companies that provide the best quality of products in a variety of options to fit our customers’ needs. James Hardie creates siding that is low-maintenance and long-lasting, an approach much like our own.  

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