Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Apr 21, 2015 9:25:05 AM
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Here at Adair Homes, we’re invested in creating your dream home with high quality materials at affordable prices. Our affordability promise means that you won’t need to worry about spending additional money in the near future to replace inferior products.

We’re excited to announce that Adair Homes is made exclusively with James Hardie building materials. In fact, we are one of the only 100% Hardie Homes* builder in the entire Northwest Region of the US and we’re proud to build your homes with superior materials from this trusted siding manufacturer. Not familiar with James Hardie? Let us introduce you:

James Hardie Building Products

James Hardie is installed in over 5.5 million homes across the country. Homeowners trust James Hardie Building Products to weather extreme scenarios, from hellacious hurricanes to bitter snowstorms. James Hardie fiber cement siding is Engineered for Climate®.

One of the reasons we choose James Hardie Building Products for our homes is because they invented fiber cement siding over 30 years ago and rose to become the top choice for siding in the country. Thirty years is also the length of your non-prorated warranty with James Hardie Building Products. Here’s five other reasons why we use James Hardie on every home we build:

  1. Rot Resistant

Unlike wood products that often warp due to humidity and moisture, and vinyl products that may crack in low temperatures, James Hardie fiber cement resists moisture, dampness, warping, and rot.

  1. Non Combustible

Don’t worry about your home siding catching fire. Fiber cement is the only siding material resistant to fire. No vinyl, wood, or OSB siding can say the same.

  1. Termite Free

Hate flying ants? No need to worry about that when you have James Hardie siding installed.

  1. Won’t Melt

Ever had a barbecue grill too close to the house and saw it melt before your eyes? Never again with James Hardie fiber cement.

  1. Easily Painted

Don’t want to be locked into one color for the rest of your life? Insert your personality and change your house color as easily as you change your mind with this fiber cement siding.

Hardie fiber cement is ready for every change of weather, today, tomorrow, and for decades to come. We’re so happy to use James Hardie Building Products in our homes. We believe superior products create a superior home. Would you like to learn more? Download a free guide to learn how you can Love Your Home for a Lifetime.

*Barge and Fascia are not made with Hardie products

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