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Funny puns aside, your hard surfaces are worth thinking about. Utilized in nearly every room of your home, your counters have many duties to perform! They must provide a clean and sturdy surface on which to make dinners, write letters, and hold precious objects. Your countertops must complement the style of your home and create interest—but not so much that their color and pattern take away from the overall design aesthetic. In short, your countertops matter!


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Adair Homes regularly re-evaluates our product offerings to ensure that we are both on-trend and providing the best value for the dollar. Recently, Adair’s design team refreshed our countertop program with new granite and quartz options—and the new choices are hard to make (yikes, is that another counter-surface pun?).

New Granite Colors:

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Granite is a naturally occurring stone from the earth, durable, and unique in pattern and color. No two slabs of granite will be exactly the same! Granite can withstand heat very well, and can be polished and refinished multiple times.


New Quartz Colors:

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Quartz is a man-made manufactured product. Its color is more predictable, controlled, and symmetrical. If you’re looking for a reliable color pattern, quartz is a perfect solution.

See For Yourself

If you find yourself in the Spokane area, please check out Adair’s new office. The showroom kitchen is utilizing Skara Brae Quartz in fossil gray. Here is the stunning material board for the finishes going in the new space:

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Our Adair design centers are open to the public. If you have a design idea or are in the process of designing a new kitchen or bath—it’s worth stopping by and seeing the products in person. Inspiration is just a stone’s throw away! (And that was our last counter-surface pun; promise!)

Adair Homes offers each one of our customer's access to a design showroom, personal shopping, and design services. We enjoy helping you create the home of your dreams—from the Pinterest board to your property, we’re here to serve you.

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