Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Feb 21, 2017 7:57:56 AM
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Building your own custom home is thrilling for so many reasons. You get to build on your ideal plot of land, with exactly the house plan and features you’ve always wanted. After your new home is complete, you have a chance to decorate your dream home.

For some homeowners, the decorating stage can be a bit nerve-wracking. Where to start? How do you narrow down your choices to the décor that will showcase your new home best? How can you be sure to select items that will work for your family?

Never fear: Regardless of your style or your budget, there are plenty of decorating options that will work for your home. Consider these key tips to help you get started:

Select décor that fits your lifestyle.

Think about how your family members live their day-to-day lives and consider what types of décor would work best for you. When you are thinking about your style, it’s also important to consider what furniture and finishes would benefit you for the years to come!

If you have young children, for example, white carpets, beige furniture, and glass tabletops may create ongoing challenges. But if you’re an empty-nester who is excited to finally have an opportunity to embrace ultra-modern décor, these items may be a perfect fit.

The key is to focus on décor that will bring you joy and add to a feeling of comfort. That’s what makes a house feel like home.

Complement the style of the house.

Many homeowners like to create a “theme” for their home, matching the interior décor to the exterior style. So if you’re building a Craftsman home, you might play up the theme with décor that reflects that style, with lots of natural wood and rich, earthy colors. Or if you select a more traditional-style elevation, you could decorate with traditional or transitional furniture and accessories.

Incorporate trends strategically.

New decorating trends emerge all the time, but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by changing fashions. The best approach is to incorporate those you really love and simply let the rest go. Decorate your home with pieces that will stand the test of time—both in style and quality—and then add trends here and there if you’d like. The result will be a home that feels uniquely yours.

The same goes for color trends. Following the constant changes in “what’s hot” would result in you painting your walls and buying new furniture every year. Instead, opt for classic colors in your furnishings and interior paint colors. Then, you’ll have the freedom to incorporate pops of trendy colors—like Pantone’s 2017 color of the year, Greenery—in less-permanent items, such as pillows, drapery, and artwork.

Head online for inspiration.

Websites like Pinterest and Houzz are overflowing with incredible decorating ideas, and you can use filters to fine-tune your search for whatever room, style, or piece of furniture you need help with. These are also great resources for decorating “shortcuts.” We’ve seen helpful online tools for key decisions such as the ideal rug size for a given room, the perfect arrangement for a gallery wall, and the best complementary color schemes for any room.

Go a little outside your comfort zone.

A new custom-built home represents the perfect opportunity to do something a little different for once! Think about how you might spice up your décor a bit. Maybe you’ve always been drawn to mid-century modern design, or you’re thinking about adding some wild colors that really pop.

When you get excited about trying something different, don’t shy away from a new decorating idea. If you end up not liking the result, you can always change it. But more likely than not, you’ll wind up loving the fact that you went just a little outside your comfort zone.