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Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Nov 26, 2018 9:25:16 AM
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For many people, building a new custom home means achieving a lifelong goal. The employees at Adair Homes are here to help make these dreams come true, which is one of the reasons it’s so rewarding to do what we do. We love following families on their journeys as they build the homes where they’ll make lasting memories. We get to experience special moments every day—creating the perfect floor plan, selecting the finishes that make a home truly the customer’s own, guiding the customer through every step of the process, and, finally, handing over the keys.

Some customers choose to share their experiences in blogs, so if you’re considering building a new custom home, get a taste of what it’s really like by following along on four of our customers’ paths to home ownership.

A Hidden Gem in Eugene, Oregon

When looking for the perfect location for a new home, it’s important to remember that a property that already has a structure on it can be a viable option. One couple in Eugene found a neighborhood they loved, but because there was limited land for sale, they had to get creative. They found a “fixer-downer” and made an offer to the existing owners. The offer was accepted, and they were off to the races! Factoring in the cost of demolition, they will be able to build the home they want within their budget.

Their ongoing blog Once Upon Our Home shares the details of their timeline and all of the tasks they are having to complete as they work through the process. A handy counter shows the number of days the build is taking from the day the foundation was poured, so you can quickly get a sense of where they are in the process.  

A Necessary Upgrade in Bainbridge Island, Washington

After living in their home for four years, another couple discovered a series of issues when they started a remodel. These issues led them to the conclusion that their house had to be torn down. They weren’t necessarily planning to build a new custom home, but the opportunity presented itself and they jumped on it. They worked with the Adair Homes team in the Olympia office to customize a floor plan that could comfortably accommodate the couple and their three children. The team also helped them work through the challenge of financing a new construction project on the property where they were tearing down a house that still had a mortgage. With some creative decisions and help from a knowledgeable local realtor, the couple was able to get financing and build their new two-story home.

Follow their journey at Build Me a House on Bainbridge.

A New, Modern Farmhouse in Poulsbo, Washington

After purchasing four acres of forested land with Little Scandia Creek running through it, our next couple pursued their dream of building a modern farmhouse. Their journey started with clearing some trees (don’t forget to get a permit for that!) and ended with a 2,400-square-foot, two-story, gabled farmhouse—and included a litter of kittens along the way.

Follow this couple’s path to homeownership in their picture-filled blog “I’ve Never Heard of That” Hollow.

Customizing for a Couple in Camas, Washington

Told by a customer who also happens to be an Adair Homes employee. This couple’s journey starts with the challenge of finding just the right home for their needs. They kicked off their marriage living in the house that the husband had previously bought, and now they wanted a home that they both could feel connected to. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find one on the market that was perfect. The next step: build a new custom home! Despite some challenges with local permitting officials, the builders and subcontractors got this home built expertly and efficiently.

Check out this Adair Homes journey from start to finish on their blog New Camas, WA Adair Home.

If you’re ready to start your own story about building a custom home, contact the Adair Homes office nearest you to get started.

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