Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Oct 14, 2016 8:00:24 AM
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Are you looking for more information on how to build a custom home? You’ve come to the right spot. We’ve helped hundreds of people just like you move from dreaming into their dream home, and we want to help you, too.

We get lot of questions about custom home building, such as:

  • What is it really like to build a home from scratch?
  • Do we work with tighter budgets?
  • How long does it take to build a home?
  • What’s the qualification process like?

You probably have a lot of those same questions, too. But, more than anything, you probably want to know the exact steps it takes to go from daydreaming to moving into your custom built home.

The good news is, you’ve taken a step in the right direction already and you’re on the right path. The first step is to read this post and learn more about Adair Homes and how we can help you build the custom home you’ve worked hard for.

You’ll learn that there are seven easy steps you’ll need to take down the path towards homeownership. But don’t worry, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Let’s map out your journey:

Step 1: Visit Us

Make a trip to one of our offices. We’re conveniently located throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, and we’d love to meet with you face to face. During our meeting, we’ll lay out our unique building process and be happy to answer any of your questions in the process.

But it’s not just a stuffy presentation.

We’ll help you choose the best floor plan for your individual needs, based on your wants, desires, lifestyle, and of course your budget. You’ll meet with our Estimator to determine the best value for your budget. That’s because no matter your budget, we believe in providing superior quality.

We’ll work hard to make sure that you’re happy and excited about your future custom home.

Step 2: Crunching the Numbers

The next step is all about the numbers. If you plan on financing your new home, you can meet with a financial representative from our sister company, Alliance Financial Services.

Alliance Financial Services specializes in construction loans for the Adair Homes customer.

During your meeting, an Alliance Financial Services professional will answer any questions you have about financing your new home, and walk you through the process of securing construction financing.

You’ll receive a no obligation pre-qualification which will give you a better look at your finances and allow the Alliance Financial Services team to provide a Good Faith Estimate of your monthly payment and interest rates.

During this step, you will receive a free credit report (including your credit scores).

Step 3: Personalize Your New Home

Now that you know what you can spend on your new home, it’s time to meet with our Pro Team to plan out every detail of your new custom home. Would you like to add a wall, expand square footage, or include a must-have feature to your home?

Welcome to building custom! You’ll have the flexibility to decide how your new home will look and function.

Pick and choose features and options from a comprehensive list of the most trusted brands in home construction.

Step 4: Site Evaluation

Do you have a site already picked out? Perfect! Don’t have a site picked out? That’s fine, too. During this step, an Adair Homes Construction Superintendent will do a site evaluation-- for free-- and share with you the pros and cons of your proposed location. But if you don’t have a location selected, we have a network of preferred real estate partners that can help you.

You’ll also receive a Free Plot Plan that illustrates how your new home will be positioned on your property.

Step 5: Figuring Out the Costs of Site Development

The cost of your total home building project can be divided into three separate costs: the cost of the actual home, the cost of the land, and the cost of developing the land, also known as site development. In this step, you’ll work with your Adair Homes Construction Superintendent and Branch Administrator to collect bids related to developing your land. This includes fees, permits, surveys, utility hookups, landscaping, earthwork, and other such developments.

Although this is a necessary part of custom homebuilding, we’ll make sure that you’re getting the best deal possible.

Step 6: Complete your Home Order

This is the final step before we actually build your new Adair Home. You’ll review the Total Project Cost (which is the costs of the land, your home construction, and site development). You’ll then compare the Total Project Cost with how much you’re prepared to pay for your dream home. If it works with your budget, sign your home order and we’ll get started building your dream right away. But don’t worry-- if the Total Project Cost is more than you’re prepared to spend, you’re not obligated to sign. Don’t you just love “no strings attached”?

Step 7: We’ll take it from here

If you signed your home order, there’s nothing left for you to do but get ready (and excited!) to move into your new home. We issue a 120 day price protection that begins when you sign your home order and we’ll mark you on the schedule to begin construction.

Are you ready to take the first step on the path to homeownership? We’d love to set up a time to speak with you. Live Chat with us to schedule an appointment now.

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