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Posted by Kari Montoya on May 19, 2022 10:15:00 AM

Our homes reflect who we are, what we’re interested in, what we do in our free time, and what inspires us. They are living testaments to our time. At Adair, we recognize that a home is much more than four walls and a ceiling. It’s a place of refuge and creativity, togetherness and expression. The beauty of a new home is the ability to put your stamp on it from the very beginning so that every square inch perfectly suits your family.

FROM DREAM TO REALITY find-land-building-custom-home-1024x734

Not sure where to start? We’ve compiled our top ten custom touches for a new home. Find a floorplan in our design library and start dreaming.

Custom Touch #1: Vaulted Ceilings

If you gravitate towards light and airy spaces, open floorplans, and Great Rooms then vaulted ceilings are for you!


Increasing the height of your ceiling adds volume and natural light to any room. It also allows for larger windows—think views!—and is a perfect addition for any single level floorplan. Remember: In need of light? Add some height!

Custom Touch #2: Plus-sized Primary Suites

While there’s no mathematical equation for the ideal size of a Primary Suite, we have one piece of advice: Make it Bigger.


Primary Suites serve many functions and typically end up being used more than first thought. Homeowners have shared with us that additional square footage in the Primary Suite has come in handy in many diverse ways; the uses include: as a temporary nursery, a space for exercise equipment and at-home work-outs, and a reading nook for relaxation away from the fray. No matter how you use it, the extra space will never go to waste!

Custom Touch #3: An Outdoor Oasis

Indoor-outdoor living has only become more popular since the beginning of the pandemic.

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Having a space to socialize out-of-doors became an essential, rather than an ‘extra’. As you plan your new home, think about your outdoor spaces with as much care as your indoor spaces. Consider adding a patio cover for both sun and rain, a firepit for late night conversations, and outdoor gas plumbing for built-in BBQ’s.

Custom Touch #4: A Chef's Kitchen

No need to hide the chef’s hat; your apron is safe with us.


We’ll help you design the kitchen of your dreams. Double ovens? An oversized island? A prep sink? There are a million ways we can design your ideal kitchen work space from pot-fillers to bread-kneading stations. 

Custom Touch #5: Flex Space

Floorplan insider tip—when you see a room labeled ‘den’ or ‘dining room’, consider it fair game for a name change.

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These flex spaces can easily be transformed into at-home offices, nurseries, tv rooms, libraries, or extra bedrooms. Keep your lifestyle in mind when imagining the possibilities!

Custom Touch #6: Light it Up

Did you know that natural light is good for you?


Besides all that amazing Vitamin D, humans receive a good dose of serotonin from natural light, increasing our overall well being. The takeaway? Add windows. Increase the size of your windows! Add a sliding door. Not only is the additional light good for you, larger windows increase the resale value of your home.

Custom Touch #7: A Little Bit Extra

Adair Homes has a ready-made plan for adding that extra space you may need in your home.

2226 - Vaughn - 311635-16 (2)

Our 512 Suite is perfect for multi-generational living arrangements where privacy and independence is of importance. We can also help you draw a custom Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) to complement your new or existing home. Either way, more space is yours for the taking.

Custom Touch #8: The Dream Garage

So many times the Garage is overlooked.

A cursory glance during initial planning, and then nothing more until the home is built. But the Garage deserves so much more interest! Adding a third bay is a relatively inexpensive way to increase the value of your home—and its livability. A third bay doesn’t have to contain a car. It can function as a workshop, a crafting area, additional storage, a rainy-day play area, or an at-home gym.

Custom Touch #9: A Daylight Basement

If your property is sloped, a daylight basement is a fabulous way to add space to your floorplan by using the natural grade of your lot.


Many of our homeowners have added large pantries for bulk purchases, or entire guest suites below their homes. We’ve also helped design fun home theaters and spacious play areas. Feel free to talk to our Pro Team about the possibilities presented by your property. We pride ourselves in creating additional value in every home we build.

Custom Touch #10: Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a huge part of resale value—and it’s a multi-faceted topic. Not only are resale buyers looking for a home in great condition (think fresh paint and clean windows), they are also looking for timeless and functional design.

That’s why Adair Homes offers multiple exteriors for each of our pre-drawn plans (including Craftsman and Farmhouse), and multiple color schemes to accompany those designs. Did you know that interior and exterior paint is now included in the base prices of our homes? Add a wrap-around porch or a covered front door for weather protection. Be creative with your curb appeal! It will pay dividends in the end.

Adair Homes + You = The Perfect Home

With over 50 customizable floorplans and an entire Pro Team at your disposal, building a custom home with Adair has never been easier. Choose to personalize one of our plans, or draw your own from scratch. Either way, you’ll benefit from our decades of building experience and the cost-saving relationships we’ve built through Interpak Supply.

Contact an Adair team member today and begin the journey. We’ll walk you through every step, from budgeting and property site plans to interior design.

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