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Posted by Gabbie Gately on May 24, 2023 12:30:00 PM

Ask anyone you know who’s done it before, and they’ll all tell you the same thing: building a custom home from scratch is HARD!

The sheer number of decisions you have to make can be overwhelming. Couple that with the price tag, the wide breadth of specialties needed, the timeline (it always takes longer than you think), and coming to a consensus with your partner about these decisions—and new construction can certainly be a recipe for stress.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this blog post, we will share our improved custom home build process and the top three benefits of our newly expanded services.

Now Including Expanded Project Management Services


Taking the burden off the homeowner is our number one priority—and we’re doing that with our improved custom home build process that includes project management services in the Portland Metropolitan Area, Southwest Washington, or the Oregon Coast

After fifty years in new construction and 22,000 completed on-your-lot homes throughout the Northwest, Adair Homes has a unique perspective on the home building process—and we are committed to helping our customers overcome the common hurdles. 

Unlike many other production homebuilders, Adair Homes is an on-your-lot home builder. This means we build what you want (a custom home for you) where you want: on your land. Whether you want to build on urban or suburban lots or acreage property in the country—Adair Homes will walk you through the custom home build process to help you achieve the home of your dreams within your budget.

adair homes on-your-lot_custom home build process

Are you interested in building a new home? With Adair, your home can be customized to fit your lifestyle. As an 'on-your-lot' builder, we'll build anywhere you want to live.

What are the Expanded Services?

You’ll find that our improved custom home-building process is easier than ever and completely turn-key. These expanded project management services are already included for owners building in the Portland Metropolitan area (Aurora branch), the northern Oregon Coast area (Lincoln City branch), and Southwest Washington (Woodland branch)

Our project management team will conduct a Property Evaluation and create a drafted Plot Plan, along with assisting with a full bid-gathering feasibility study to help you understand the cost estimates of building on your selected property. We’ll manage the permitting process and all site development, including excavation, concrete flatwork, decks, water, sewer — along with managing the other aspects of site development during the construction process

Our Pro Team is well equipped to manage and streamline new build homes, from evaluating the subject property to finalizing a home design and creating a feasible project budget. 

Once you’ve chosen your favorite home plan from our extensive online library, Adair’s Pro Team will manage the entirety of the home building process, including: 

  • Handling all the permits and jurisdiction approvals
  • Establishing temporary water and power
  • Managing the excavation and pouring of the building pad
  • Bringing in a portable construction toilet
  • Developing and executing a drainage plan for the home site
  • Connecting permanent utilities
  • Installing septic or connecting to the sewer

Rest easy knowing that Adair Homes’ new expanded services will streamline your building schedule by directly providing bids for your lender and coordinating all trades. Our simplified homebuilding process will help customers avoid scheduling delays. Adair homeowners have confidence that their home is in the good hands of our expert Pro Team members. 

adair homes on-your-lot custom home construction process

Our goal is clear. We want to eliminate the surprises and move forward on your custom home construction with a solid plan in place.


The Adair Way

When Adair Homes was established in 1969, there were only seven simple home plans to choose from and little to no customization available. Back then, building on your land required a significant investment of sweat equity from every homeowner—which was great— then.

Today, however, the building process is vastly more complicated and variable depending on where your land is located. As a result, Adair Homes reevaluated our offerings and, in 2015, expanded our custom options, added up-to-date design centers, created dozens of unique floor plans, and established an in-house drafting department for truly custom new construction. 

With Adair, building a custom home is streamlined into a 4-step process:

Step One: The first thing you’ll do is meet with your Pro Team to create an estimated total project cost and schedule a Property Evaluation with your Construction Superintendent. Then it’s time to build your budget and get pre-qualified for financing with Adair Financial Services.

Step Two: Your Construction Superintendent will utilize the information gathered at your site visit to determine your site development costs. Meanwhile, you’ll work with your Home Ownership Counselor to finalize your home plan, upgrades, finish options, and colors.

Step Three: After finalizing the details of your home with your Home Ownership Counselor, the in-house Drafting team at Adair Homes will develop a custom floor plan and draft a proposed plot plan.

Step Four: Once all of your selections have been made and you have approved your concept plans, you are ready to order your new custom Adair home. 


We’ve Got This

Building with Adair has never been easier. We strive to make the process as stress-free as possible, assisting with every part of the process, from building your budget to guiding you through design selections in our up-to-date Design Centers. 

Adair Homes offers wide-ranging benefits—but our top three are worth mentioning:

  • With Adair Homes managing the Site Development, we help our homeowners establish real budgets—and stick to them! 
  • Adair Homes offers a worry-free building experience. We have a long history of scatter-lot custom building. New build homes are our specialty!
  • Adair Homes has 50+ years of building experience, and our decades of evolution and success can now be yours!

At Adair, we believe it is our privilege to help our homeowners build their dream homes. This belief has fueled our evolution. It’s the reason why we now have more included features and services for every home and the reason we have expanded our project management offerings to create a more elevated experience for every homeowner.

We are excited to continue to expand our offerings to continuously improve the building experience but encourage anyone building outside of the Portland metropolitan area throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Arizona to ask about upgrade options for our Site Services that can be added to their project to aid in the build process.

Building a custom home is a mechanism for wealth building—but more importantly—your custom home is a place where family, friends, and community are built. And that is the best part of all. 


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Custom Home Built On Your Land
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Whether your land is located in a rural or urban area, our Home Ownership Counselors are proud to assist you on the path to building your dream home. We offer a wide variety of plans, a commitment to value, and guidance in the design process. 

If you’re still in the early stages of the homebuilding process, we can help you find land and provide financial services through Adair Financial.


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With 53-plus years in the industry, Adair’s long-term commitment to treating each customer with honesty, integrity, and respect has paid off, 22,000 customers strong and counting. 

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