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Posted by Kari Montoya on Jun 8, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Adair Homes is proud to introduce Scott Barlow, a Southern Oregon Home Ownership Counselor. He has been employed with Adair for over 23 years, and has a wealth of knowledge to share with every customer in the process of building a new home.


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Scott Barlow, HOC, Southern Oregon

Adair Homes recognizes that our employees are our greatest asset—especially team members who have trusted us and invested in our program for as long as Scott has. We are grateful to have Scott Barlow on our Pro Team. His home building knowledge and professional customer-first counsel is unmatched. 

“I became interested in the home building industry as I watched things being built from the ground up,” says Scott, of his initial interest in construction. “I was searching for something that would give me purpose in what I did for a living. It seemed to fit the bill.”

But it wasn’t just about the industry in general that attracted Scott to Adair. It was the specific company culture. “It’s a very strong organization. Its principles are aligned with my principles.”

Adair’s One Team mentality sets it apart from the competition. “We have camaraderie here,” says Scott. “We are all working towards one goal.”


Adair’s commitment to the customer and insistence on value is exactly why Scott is such a good fit in his role. His experience in the home building industry means that he has real-life answers to questions about everything from site-prep to material procurement to contractor scheduling. 

“You know,” says Scott, “I’d like to think my unique skills within Adair is my ability to have compassion. I listen to people's needs when it comes to their house. The size of the family, the budget. It’s really critical to understand where they are coming from.”

ONE Team

Scott’s friend and colleague, Johanna Siebert, in the Southern Oregon Branch seconds this. “He has a way of counseling and advising all of us. He is a great role model for how to treat your co-workers and customers.”


“Adair is lucky to have such a loyal member on their Sales team,” says Johanna. “He's here early and enjoys coming to the office every day. He is very committed to the company, his job, and all of his customers.”

Thank you, Scott Barlow, for bringing your commitment, knowledge, and heart to this place every day. Adair Homes is a better place for having you on board.

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With 53-plus years in the industry, Adair’s long-term commitment to treating each customer with honesty, integrity, and respect has paid off, 22,000 customers strong and counting. 

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