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Posted by Kari Montoya on Oct 23, 2020 11:02:10 AM

For those uninitiated in the homebuilding process, choosing between building a custom home or buying a pre-built manufactured home seems like a simple, price comparison question. Either you can afford a custom home—or you can’t. Not so, says Scotti Stephens, an Adair Home Ownership Counselor at the Inland Northwest Branch. There’s much more to the equation than you’d think at first glance. We sat down with Scotti to learn more about the ins and outs of home choice.


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Affordable Custom

Let’s speak to affordability, first. What is the cost difference between a manufactured home and one built by Adair?

Many customers feel they can't afford least in the beginning.  Once I break it down they realize that they can afford us—maybe in a slightly smaller home, but the idea that a stick built home can be within their reach is news to them.  

What about financing?

Sometimes my customers come in thinking they need 20% down as that's what their Realtor told them.  Through showing them that our lender will lend up to 95% of the appraised value they realize that they don't need a huge down payment. 

Would a stick built home be advantageous over a manufactured home?

Absolutely. Appreciation is key. What most of my customers realize right away is that an Adair home appreciates, where as a manufactured/modular home does not.  My customers have a sense that they not only want to gain equity, but perhaps have something that will last to pass on to their children. They realize a manufactured home has a limited life span, but a stick built house will last much much longer.  

Built-in Equity

Let’s talk about value at move-in. What can an Adair customer expect?

Equity! Equity is huge!  Through painting and managing their site development many customers see $40,000 in equity or more.  Especially in a rising market like we have today.

What are the main differences inside the different home types?

Typically you can't modify a manufactured home outside of selecting interior colors.  At Adair, however, you can customize anything and everything. About 85% of my customers make structural modifications to suit the unique needs of their family.  Whether you’re considering plans that support aging in place, or creating larger kitchens and bedrooms, to small customizations in the walk-in shower—your options with Adair Homes are endless. 

Custom homes are built onsite. On Your Site. And with Adair—that means anywhere. We know that your custom Adair home will retain its value much longer than any manufactured home because of our commitment to quality materials and warranted construction

Don’t get sidetracked by the perceived cost-effectiveness of a manufactured home, when for nearly the same dollars you could be building equity for a lifetime.

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