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Posted by Kari Montoya on Jan 5, 2021 9:30:00 AM

As an on-your-lot builder, Adair Homes has the privilege of working with landowners all across the Mid Columbia Valley, determining the best layout and placement for new custom homes. Many of our clients have newly acquired properties that already contain structures, like manufactured homes. These properties can often be purchased at a ‘reduced’ price in comparison to like-properties with stick-built homes, and create an opportunity to live on property while a new home is being constructed. Talk about a two-for-one! Due note, however, that this live-onsite option is not available in all jurisdictions, so be sure to talk to an Adair Home Ownership Counselor about the process.


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Where to Look

As you look for affordable land, try searching outside the Tri-City area. West Richland, Benton City, and Prosser are expanding—and yet, still affordable. Plymouth is an easy (5-minute) drive to Hermiston, and a mere 25-miles from the Tri-Cities, while Eltopia is a cozy hamlet 23-miles North. Head towards Walla Walla and you’ll find Finley and Burbank, two communities rich with storied histories and wide landscapes. 

Still looking? Check out this video for tips on finding land from the experts at Adair! 

If you’ve identified your perfect piece of land, made an offer, and secured the dirt—and if this property has an existing manufactured home on it—you may have a few questions about value and removal. After all, you’re getting ready to build the house of your dreams with Adair Homes! 

Removing a Manufactured Home

We contacted John Abraham, the President of Advanced Home Brokers Inc., and asked him the two most common questions we receive about removal and value. As a professional Realtor with 37 years of experience in the area, he’s an invaluable source of local information for any future Mid Columbia Valley homeowner.



Most mobile homes can easily be removed from the property. If it got on the property, you can usually get it back off. We, at Advanced Home Brokers, have a list of qualified, licensed and bonded contractors that can effectively remove the home from the property. We can assess the site and determine the best way to get the home removed from the property. Sometimes, the property owner may need to remove some tree's or fencing to get the home off site.


Mobile homes that need to be moved do have some value. What I usually do is have the client email me interior and exterior images of the home. I also get the physical address and county that the home resides in. Between the images and the information from the county web site and other public information, I am able to input that information into a data base that will give us a pretty accurate value of the home, keeping in mind that it needs to be moved. Occasionally, a home is too old, or in too bad of shape to be moved and may need to be demolished. That does not happen very often. In some cases, we are able to remove the home at no cost to the client, but they do not get any additional money for the home.

In most cases we are able to get the home removed at no cost to the client and they do get some money for the home as well.

If you have additional questions about existing manufactured homes or property searches, contact John directly, here.

Here to Help

Adair Homes is your go-to source for all things custom-home related. We have helped tens of thousands of people in the Greater Northwest find land, design, and build the home of their dreams. If you’re considering building a custom home in Washington State, reach out to any of our regional offices to speak directly with a Home Ownership Counselor. We’re listening.

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