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Posted by Kari Montoya on Sep 2, 2021 2:15:01 PM

The north valley of Arizona is equally perfect for those interested in building a home in the big city of Phoenix or in a quieter, more serene location near Tonto National Forest. The north valley is a beautiful, rapidly growing region of the state and is often referred to as the Valley of the Sun due to the warm temperatures and 300 days of sunshine per year. 

Whether you’re moving to the area to begin a new job in Phoenix’s thriving metropolis, start a business in one of the smaller villages, or enjoy your retirement years in the warm, sunny climate, the north valley is a unique region of the country that has a lot to offer. 

While the area does not have an official separate status, the north valley typically refers to the urban villages north of Phoenix, which include Paradise Valley, North Mountain, Deer Valley, Desert View, and North Gateway. If you’re in the market to build a new home, these villages have a lot to offer in terms of property settings. 

To help you decide, let's take a closer look at some of the best areas to find land in the north valley of Arizona.


If you consider yourself a city dweller for life, Phoenix is the city for you. Its strong job market draws professionals to its larger industries, especially agriculture and technology and innovation, as well as a thriving small business scene. You can also find plenty of cuisines, particularly Southwest and Mexican, and local breweries.

But everyone needs a break from the bustling city from time to time. Luckily, the great outdoors isn’t far away, and plenty of residents enjoy hiking, fishing, and camping. Plus, anyone who has had to experience the dreaded cold up north won’t see much of that in Phoenix. The cooler temperatures make winter a great time to explore the rugged terrain. 

Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley was given its name for a great reason: You’ll have your own slice of paradise living here. The quality of life in Paradise Valley is unmatched in its balance between luxury living and close proximity to nature. You can experience the stunning views of Camelback Mountain by either looking out your window or hiking one of the numerous trails nearby. You will also have access to Phoenix for work and play, though this isn’t necessary due to the many activities available in Paradise Valley, including several golf courses, restaurants, a lively nightlife, and several resorts for a staycation. 

North Mountain

Located in the center of the Valley, North Mountain is a quiet, warm, friendly, and inviting residential area. With plenty of families making up the majority of the population, North Mountain is full of outdoor, family-friendly activities. One of the most popular destinations is Castles N’ Coasters, which has a go-kart track, video arcade, mini golf, and several theme park attractions. 

But much like other villages in the area, most homes have a beautiful panoramic view of Phoenix available from their homes or on one of the many scenic trails. 

Deer Valley

This cozy neighborhood is home to people of all ages, from young families to those in their golden years. Much like its neighboring villages, Deer Valley has plenty to do both indoor and outdoor. For shopping and a chance to escape the heat, residents can enjoy Metrocenter Mall. For outside time, there are plenty of popular hiking spots, including Deem Hills and Cave Buttes, and several parks, such as Adobe Dam Regional Park. Or, for a bit more movement and entertainment, there’s the Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix water park.

Desert View

Although Desert View is one of the denser suburbs in the area, this village still has plenty of beautiful surroundings to give it a sense of separation from the city. This area suits a wide range of people because of the excellent school system, exciting nightlife, thriving job market, well-functioning public transportation, and plenty of leisure activities. While the cost of living in Desert View is a bit more expensive compared to the surrounding villages, many residents find that it's worth it to enjoy a great standard of living.

North Gateway

North Gateway is a village for the active. Residents enjoy the many hiking and biking trails. Plus, there are plenty of good health and fitness facilities in the area. The other advantages include housing availability, diversity in the community, and great employment opportunities. Compared to the other surrounding areas, North Gateway doesn’t have much of a nightlife, and the cost of living is above average. 

Adair Homes 

As you have read, North Valley has something for everyone, from young families looking for great schools to people who love getting out into the beautiful scenery of Arizona. More than anything, the cities and villages of North Valley give residents the opportunity to carve out a piece of land and build a custom home of their own

Now is an ideal time to partner with a Home Ownership Counselor at Adair Homes to find the home that fits you perfectly. North valley has plenty of beautiful land available at a reasonable price, and many buyers are able to find property in their preferred area.

To learn more about finding land in North Valley or about the custom homebuilding process, give us a call at our office in Phoenix.