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Posted by Kari Montoya on Oct 30, 2020 10:25:00 AM

If you’re wondering how much it costs to build a custom home, you’re not alone. It’s a common question with a complicated answer. There are seemingly thousands of line items from site costs and materials to permits and fees—it’s no wonder so many people hesitate in pursuing building a custom home! Well, hesitate no more. Adair Homes has created a pathway to understanding your total project costs in Southwest Washington. Our online tools and helpful guidance break down the numbers so you can feel confident in moving forward with a custom home built by Adair. No outrageous surprises, no oopsies, no overlooked utility costs. Today, calculating the cost of your new home is easier than ever before.


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Location, Location, Location

It’s a common phrase—the most important attribute of a home whether you are buying or selling is: Location, Location, Location. It’s absolutely true. Your property’s location is foundational to your total project cost. Consider the price of the land itself, the cost of building permits in your jurisdiction, and the basic utilities you’ll pay in perpetuity. Location is everything.

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Your local Southwest Washington Adair Homes branch office offers great resources to help you in your land search. We have a vast network of Realtors who specialize in land acquisition, and can guide you through the sales process from identifying the perfect lot to closing.

Your Site + Floorplan

Before we move any dirt at all, though, we need to do a thorough site evaluation. Every piece of property will ‘hold’ a house differently. Thus, your site development costs will vary from lot to lot. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. Adair offers a free site evaluation. One of our local Southwest Washington construction superintendents will personally walk your intended property to determine development costs. Is the lot steep? Will it require more foundation work? Are there trees to be avoided or moved? What kind of excavation will be required? This is also the time where the cost of permits, utilities, and provisional access is calculated. 

Pro Tip: If your land already has utilities set up, you’ll save a lot of money! If you’re purchasing acreage, plan on spending a little more in utilities to bring power, water (and sometimes sewer) to your homesite.


We’ve come a long way—but we still haven’t talked about the home itself; the meat and potatoes of your total project cost. Choosing a floorplan will determine the overall size of your home. Remember, every square foot of home space adds to every line item in your calculated cost—whether that’s flooring, plumbing lines, or electrical wiring—the bigger your home, the greater the cost of each category.

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You can browse Adair’s home plans online—we’ve included a great pricing guide alongside each floorplan. These prices reflect the cost of the home from foundation to completion, our standard finishes included. Remember, you can add upgraded finishes to any of our home plans. Customize anything and everything, but only pay for what you want. 

Equity in your Pocket

Adair cares about your financial position after you move into your brand new home in Southwest Washington. We want you to not just feel good—but be in a better financial position than when you started. Thanks in part to our unique sweat equity program, the majority of our customers move into their new Adair home with a solid equity position. 

According to our in-house lender, Alliance Financial Services, the average equity position of our customers who finance through us, in the Southwest Washington region, is 22%*.

With over fifty years in the home building business, Adair Homes understands how to help you plan for the best financial decision you’ll ever make: owning your own home. If you’re looking to build a home in 2020 and beyond, it pays to work with a company that knows how to navigate the ever-changing building and development landscape. We are experts at helping you finance your build job, develop workable site proposals, and determine a reasonable total project cost. At Adair Homes, it’s our goal to help you meet your budget and move-in to a brand new house with equity on Day 1. 

What’s your dream? Let’s get started!


*Averages are based off of customers who financed with us in 2020. Equity position varies, and is not a guarantee.

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