Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Oct 18, 2017 8:57:30 AM
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Whether you prefer the style of a cozy lodge, sunny contemporary, or crisp modern, there is an interior designer in the Inland Northwest area that can help you. Building a new home means making a lot of decisions. The design process starts with the layout of the floor plan and the amenities you want to include and ends with selecting the finishes and paint colors that will be in your home for many years to come. You also have to think about flooring materials, furniture, artwork, storage solutions, and countless other details.

If you want to take your home’s interiors to the next level, consider working with one of these Inland Northwest design influencers. If hiring a professional isn’t in your budget right now, check out their Pinterest and Instagram pages for inspiration on color palettes, pattern collections, and more.

1. White Picket Fence

Interior design on a budget is an art, and White Picket Fence aims to master it. By working with what you already own and making smart purchasing decisions, you can transform a room. As a regular contributor to Spokane magazine, this influencer knows what resonates in the Inland Northwest.  

2. Nook Interiors

This full-service interior design company focuses on finding the right mix of style, comfort, and functionality. Select from striking wallpaper patterns, choose the fabrics that will make your window treatments pop, or even have custom furniture designed. Thinking about building a man cave? Nook Interiors has done it!

3. Designology

If high design is your thing, look no further than Designology in Spokane. Its Pinterest page is a wonderland of textures, colors, patterns, and collections to inspire the full spectrum from mid-century modern to rough luxe. Whether you want to focus on the interior design of a single room or tackle the whole house, this designer can make any space feel special.   

4. Madison Home

Furnishing a new home takes careful thought, and sometimes the couch you have had for more than a decade just doesn’t fit into your new space. Take the opportunity to create a new family heirloom by purchasing American-made, custom furniture that fits into the spaces in your house. Madison Home also provides design services to help you select paint, flooring, furniture, and accessories and tie them all together with the best placement.  

5. Milieu

As the name suggests, this Spokane designer is all about the environment—not just the rooms that surround you in your home but also the global environment. With a focus on selecting durable materials that will stand the test of time (both physically and in terms of design), Milieu can help you plan organized spaces, select colors, choose artwork, and much more.

6. Lakeshore Decor

Based in Coeur d’Alene, Lakeshore Decor specializes in design services for every budget. With a retail store offering hundreds of furniture and accessory options, you can test-drive your selections before you buy. Expert designers will also help you choose the patterns and styles that work best together and provide styling for your home.

7. 509 Design

Rated one of Spokane’s best interior designers, 509 Design offers a range of services from two-hour consultation to full-service design for interior and exterior finishes. Whether you want help with lighting, flooring, paint colors, furniture layout, or the whole package, these experts have decades of experience.

When you build new home with Adair Homes, you can choose from a range of finishes selected with our in-house team. Working with a great interior designer can really help improve upon finishing touches like arranging your rooms after you move in. Whatever you end up choosing for your home, a good designer can make a world of difference in the end result.  Contact our Inland Northwest office today to learn more about the design services we offer.