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Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Jul 5, 2018 6:35:50 AM
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You can buy a new house at any stage of life, but there are a few key points when it just makes sense to own a home that truly matches your lifestyle. Living in a space that is too large or too small can create unnecessary challenges. Trying to stay in the same place because change is hard might actually be more difficult in the long run. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or are ready to move on from your current situation, it might be time to think about taking the next step toward purchasing a new house.

When is the right time to buy a new home? Often it’s when there are major changes happening in your life, such as:

Just Married

After a wedding is a great time to buy a new home for a lot of reasons. Combining two households takes up a lot of space—often more than either partner has in their existing apartment or house. Many couples also find that they want to create a space that is uniquely theirs and not strongly influenced by one person in the relationship. Buying a new home together lets couples make all the decisions in partnership with each other.

Of course, there is also the matter of finances. A new couple has a new economic profile that combines two incomes and allows them to get more funding than they could as individuals.

Baby on Board

When you’re planning for a new baby is one of the best times to buy a new home, to accommodate the addition to the family. Waiting until after the baby is born can cause extra stress, especially for first-time parents who are learning the ropes. When buying a new home at this time, think about plans for the future, including any additional children you might have, to make sure you have enough bedrooms. Look for a floorplan with multiple bedrooms or flex spaces so you have room for the whole family and all of their interests.

Think about how your children will interact with the space as they grow up. Will you want a master suite with enough space for a crib, but also enough separation from the other bedrooms to give you privacy when they get older? How many bathrooms will your family need to live comfortably? While you can’t predict the future, you can plan for it by making smart home choices.    

Empty Nest

When children grow up and leave home or after the loss of a partner, the family home you’ve always enjoyed can suddenly feel too large. If you’re ready to downsize, it might be time to buy a new home. A more compact space is easier to maintain and costs less to operate. When choosing a smaller floor plan, think about the types of guests who might visit, including grandchildren, grown children and their families, and others. Think about how you all want to interact in that space. Do you want a formal dining room for holidays, a playroom for the grandchildren, or a quiet space to do your favorite hobby?   

Health Changes

Sometimes life throws us a curveball that requires a new living situation. The natural aging process and unexpected health events can change your needs and might prompt you to buy a new home. If you are planning to age in place or are dealing with a change in health, look for a home that offers single-floor living, and choose features such as smooth transitions between flooring types or open floor plans for easy navigation.

Welcome Back Home

Multi-generational living is on the rise, and if this trend resonates with your family, it might be time to buy a new home. Kids living at home after college to save money is a great way to support the young adults in your family, but it can also put strain on the household if everybody doesn’t have the space they need. Older parents who move back in with their children benefit from being close to family members, but also want to maintain a sense of independence. Parents living with adult children who have young kids make for a tight family dynamic, but only if the living space is right. A home that is designed for multi-generational living can provide the features you need for everybody to be comfortable.

Build New to Suit Your Lifestyle

Building a new custom home allows you to have all the features you want and need for whatever stage of life you’re in. While it’s true that you might find an existing home on the market, chances are you will have to settle on at least one feature, and you never know how long it will take to find the perfect home for you. Building a new home gives you a predictable timeline for your move-in day, and you can customize the floor plan, materials, and features to match your preferences.

If you feel intimidated or are uncertain about building a new home, talk to the friendly Home Ownership Counselors at Adair Homes. You’ll find that the process is not as scary as you think. You’ll also find out exactly what type of home you can get for your budget. Give us a call today to get started.