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Posted by Kari Montoya on Jun 16, 2020 9:00:00 AM

It’s a given fact that in our lifetimes, a home purchase will most likely be the biggest investment we make. How we allocate those funds is vitally important and that is where the unique offerings from Adair Homes come in. If you are looking to build the home of your dreams, there is no other construction company out there that can compete dollar-to-dollar with our innovative on-your-lot building process.


family participation in sweat equity

Adair Homes offers two unique paths for every customer. Many of our customers appreciate the ability to put in a little extra effort and move into their new home with an average of 25% equity. While many builders have removed sweat equity options, we recognize the value in providing the opportunity for customers to invest their own time and energy into the home they are building for themselves—saving them real money in the process.

Our homebuilding process highlights the areas in which customers can easily—and cost effectively—contribute to their own build-out. Simple things like creating a temporary gravel driveway, providing temporary utilities (water, electricity, porta-potties), site prep, and site clean-up are all manageable tasks that can add up to a sizable savings. 

For some of our customers, however, budget isn't as much of a priority making the idea of sweat equity is a little less important. For them we have our Adair Site Services option. Our Adair Site Services customers can still build a value priced home thanks to the support we get from our family of businesses, but they will not see as high of an equity position at the time of move-in.

What Does It Really Mean?

Equity isn't the same as a discount or cash in your pocket so what is the value of equity, really? According to Nerd Wallet, "home equity can be a long-term strategy for building wealth." Every home has equity, but most often that equity is based on the downpayment, not the the work you put into it. The average homeowner is putting at least 12% down when purchasing a house, compared to 5% or less required for a new construction home built by Adair Homes. If you are wondering, yes our homeowners are putting less money down without any PMI penalty.

To put it simply, with the homeowner participation model you are required to come up with less money for the down payment and your path to creating wealth with home equity is a little shorter. 

This is a great time to start creating a strong financial future for yourself and your family. Home ownership is not too big, too far away, or too complicated to invest in. Let Adair Homes walk you through our unique home building process. You might discover that you are closer than ever to owning your own home, and controlling your financial future—today. 

Creating Zero Down

A family who built in Renton, Washington initially had their doubts, but in the end, their gorgeous custom home came in on-time and on-budget. Thanks to Adair Homes and Alliance Financial, their property appraised at such a high number that they were eligible for a construction loan with no down payment required. And when it came time to put permanent financing on the project, the home value came in at 55% LTV—putting $297,000 in the equity column. 

Building Opportunity


The Gray family from Southern Oregon were kind enough to share how Adair's sweat equity program helped them get more for their money than going the traditional route, and buying an existing home. With a little work on their part and some help from family and friends they were able to move out of their mobile home into their first stick built home. (Watch the testimonial.)

Connect with our Pro Team to learn even more about the opportunities available through our sweat equity builds.

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With 50-plus years in the industry, Adair’s long term commitment to treating each customer with honesty, integrity, and respect has paid off, 21,000 customers strong and counting. 

At Adair Homes, our mission states: it is our privilege to build our customers the home they have always dreamed of. We believe in providing the greatest value for our customer’s dollar and finding innovative ways to value engineer homes. We believe that we can offer an outstanding customer experience that is both enjoyable and rewarding—and offer this one-of-a-kind customer experience as the largest on-your-lot builder in the West. For more info, get in touch with us here or call 1-844-518-7072.