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Posted by Kari Montoya on Aug 24, 2021 11:30:00 AM

For years, Adair Homes has hosted a popular in-person Building 101 workshop for those exploring the ins and outs of custom home construction. It’s the perfect place to ask experts anything and everything about new home construction, including: how to finance a build, how to work with a Home Ownership Counselor to design and execute a construction plan, and how to create equity through our unique homeowner-inclusive building process. 



Build Your Dream with Adair

Well, we’ve already been hard at work this year, recreating these popular seminars into online Building 101 workshops. Feel free to stay home in sweatpants. Sit on the couch! Get comfortable. You’ll still learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about building—now from the comfort of your living room. Talk to a designer; peruse the online plans library. This is your ticket to new construction!

With Adair Homes, it’s quicker, easier, and more affordable than you think to build your dream home. 

Financing a Home

The number one topic we encounter at our Buiding 101 Workshops is Finance: How can I afford to build a new home? How do you get a new construction loan? How does a construction loan turn into permanent financing?

Lending can be an intimidating part of home construction. We get it. And, after helping thousands of people build new homes on their own land, Adair Homes created a sister company to assist with lending. Adair Financial Services works exclusively with Adair Homes customers. At our Building 101 Workshops, those interested in speaking with a lender can learn the simple steps forward with Adair Financial. 

Adair Financial Services helps locate the best financing programs to meet the different budgets and credit scores of Adair Homes customers. You’ll learn about how the team at Adair Financial Services works to provide competitive construction loans without requiring hefty down payments. In fact, many times, our customers qualify for no down payments

At our Building 101 Workshop we’ll start by planning your home and figuring out your budget. We’ll help you understand the difference between eligibility and application. Here’s a quick preview: When you submit our pre-qualification form online, you’re either eligible to build (this means you’re ready to start the financial process but you haven’t found a property yet) or you’re ready to apply (you have a full property address).

Customizing a Home

It’s a question we get a lot: “How custom is custom?” The truth is that every custom home builder has different guidelines about how much you can customize a floor plan. This can have a big impact on how to build a custom home and design it for your specific needs. Can you move walls? Expand a master bedroom? Add a kitchen island? At our Building 101 workshops our ProTeam explains what’s possible when you build with Adair (hint: almost anything) and that many customizations are far more affordable than you might expect.

Equity Position

Finally, we’ll discuss what ‘sweat equity’ is and how it can save you money. Did you know you can gain equity in your property by doing small jobs throughout the construction process? Painting, bringing in temporary power, providing an onsite Porta-Potty, landscaping—these are all valuable jobs that can add to your bottom line.


We’ll Discuss the Next Steps

After budget and planning, we’ll turn our attention to the next steps in the home building process and by the end of the hour, you’ll be fully educated in the process of custom home building!

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