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Posted by Kari Montoya on May 28, 2021 7:00:00 AM

The Tamarack is one of Adair Homes most often chosen plans; highly liveable and customizable, it allows each customer to make it their own. As every project presents its own celebrations and challenges, it’s fun to take an inside look into one couples homebuilding journey with the Tamarack plan.


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Beginning the Journey

“The customers’ process began in 2016 when they bought 400 acres with some amazing views,” says Johanna Siebert, Home Ownership Counselor. “We held a lot of phone meetings—discussing exterior products, roofing, and structural design—until they found a plan that they felt comfortable would work with their overall vision.”

This plan turned out to be the Tamarack plan—a design that holds opportunity for great individualizations.

They liked the openness of the Tamarack but didn't like the posts and walls. As these were not structural, we were able to remove them and open up the space.  Most people love this plan but get concerned over the walls and posts. Guess what? They can be removed.”

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Built from Afar

As the homeowners lived out-of-state, Noah Gephart, Construction Superintendent was in charge of the Southern Oregon site. “This build was definitely unique and proved quite the challenge due to the remote location and late Summer start. With Fall and Winter being a major factor, we were still able to achieve a 170 day build time in an area where most builders refuse to build until the Spring.”

“The location made the building process well worth it despite the weather.  As you drive up the 1.5 mile driveway through a wildlife corridor, it's hard to not keep your eyes peeled for the many game trails created by the local mule deer and elk populations. The home is situated in a small grove of cedar and junipers atop a small high desert mountain overlooking the Klamath Basin.”

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Capitalizing on these amazing views was of utmost priority for the customers. The additional transom windows and vaulted patio from the Great Room and Master Suite enhanced the big sky feel of the Klamath Basin.

“The position of the home really utilizes the landscape from the views all the way to the driveway access, in which the garage was modified with side load doors to accommodate,” says Noah Gephart.

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The grand exterior is matched with an equally impressive interior, where a number of optional upgrades make the home truly unique. Explains Noah, “The nine foot plate height with the vaulted great room leading through a barrel vault into the dining room with a tray ceiling was an impressive upgrade. It makes the house feel even larger than it already is—and it was really cool to build.”

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From the tiled walk-in showers to the slate fireplace, this home is chock full of bespoke details. It speaks to the customer—and it shows off the width and breath of what Adair Homes has to offer as an Adair Site Services builder.

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