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Posted by Kari Montoya on May 12, 2021 9:00:00 AM

When Elizabeth and Eric Chapman found the land of their dreams, it was go-time. Finally, the place that they could embrace—property that would hold their futures—and their forever home. 



Dreaming of Home

Eric Chapman had long desired to build on his own land—and design a house that fit their family to a ‘T’. “Our real estate agent had referred Adair Homes to us, and when I met Joe Zampko (the Home Ownership Counselor), he listened attentively. He understood exactly what it was that I wanted.”

Eric and Elizabeth had been mentally designing this home for years. It would be a single level with plenty of natural light. It would have a large garage with elbow room. And, it would accommodate their beloved dogs. Joe Zampko heard all of the needs. “When the Chapmans came to speak with me about their project they were super excited and passionate. This was going to be their forever home...and they had some very specific goals that they wanted to achieve. They have two dobermans that they love like their kids, so we talked about customizing it specifically for their pets.”

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“I had already chosen the Olympus plan,” says Eric. “I had already made the modifications in my mind, as to what I wanted to build. It was a slam dunk. We were in and out (of the design meeting) in a couple of hours and we had it all put together.”

Elizabeth had her say, too. “I wanted a really big master bedroom. We’ve never had one. And I wanted one that was big enough for not just us, but for the dogs, too. I really like that. It was for me, a dream come true.”

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Big Decisions

Joe Zampko noted all the design changes and quickly addressed all the ensuing material and budget issues. Building a custom home isn’t just checking-the-boxes, but comes with thousands of decisions, all in need of coordination and organization. Did he do it? According to Elizabeth, yes. “We found just the right person in Joe, with Adair, to help our dreams become a reality.”

Victoria Trevino, PreConstruction Manager, had a hand in shaping the end result—and she couldn’t say enough about working with the Chapman’s.

“The highlight of this project was this couple. They are so sweet, so positive. Any time we had any kind of roadblock, they just took it in and rolled with it, and were already ready for the next challenge. It was an amazing experience.”

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New construction is always full of surprises—none bigger than Covid. “I think you have to understand when you are building a home that you have to be patient. And especially with Covid, we couldn’t travel to come up and assist,” says Eric. Elizabeth agrees, “If we had to do it all over again, I’d rather do it when there was no coronavirus so I could be onsite more, but I’d do it again with Adair in a heartbeat. I really would.”

From Dream to Reality

The end result of everyone’s dedication and hardworking is a home to really be proud of. It incorporates all the details of Eric’s drawings, Elizabeth’s large master bedroom, and custom touches for the dogs. This aging-in-place home is right where they want to be. 

Says Eric,

“The experience building with Adair was satisfying. It was exciting for me to not only bring it from a picture in my mind, to paper drawings—but then to see it come together? It was amazing.”

Thank you, Chapman’s. We were honored to be part of your dream-home build.

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