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Posted by Kari Montoya on Jun 26, 2020 8:59:00 AM

Adair Homes builds custom homes for real people. We take pride in getting to know each one—so that our homes represent the answer to all their new construction needs.



Largest in the West

Did you know that Adair Homes is the West’s largest on your lot builder? Whether you are looking for a home builder in Oregon, Washington, Idaho or Arizona—we have teams on the ground, working in neighborhoods near you.

The Lapora family recently completed their new home. We asked them a few questions about the process—and we’re happy to share their answers.

What made you decide to build with Adair Homes?  

We liked the idea of customizing our home and being able to choose our land. Plus Adair had multiple plans that we liked and worked for our family. When you have five kids you need lots of bedrooms! :)

What was your personal experience building a home with Adair?  

To be honest going into a new home build can be quite intimidating. We were definitely nervous and weren't sure where to start. However everyone was very helpful and available to answer all of our questions. We had a lot of questions, but Joe took the time to find the answers and help us make our selections, all while keeping our budget in mind.  

We looked at multiple plans with upgrades until we found the best fit for us. It was not a quick task by any means, but Joe was a great help throughout the whole process! Victoria was on top of things and got our permit packet all together for us to submit. We were able to begin construction much sooner than we had anticipated because of her help with the permits, and the provided checklist of things we needed to do. 

Marc was always available during our build, and still stops by if we have any issues. All in all everyone is very nice and pleasant to work with. Everyone with Adair seems to really care about your home and if you are happy.

What made you decide to build the Creston plan?

The Creston had the bedrooms we needed along with a bonus room. We also liked how we were able to remove a wall to make the kitchen more open to the living room.  The Creston also worked for our land the best. 

What was the process of designing the home like? 

It was fun to be able to customize and change things so we could have it how we wanted it. We love natural light so we added a lot of windows. Our lot sits in a way that we had to turn the house to maximize our views. We also have an alley access so we moved our garage entrance to the back of the house. We couldn't have done this with other builder’s plans. This also created an opportunity to put in another entrance to our home off of the wrap around front porch. Having mountain views and a lot of outdoor seating areas were really important to us as well.

What is your favorite part of your Adair Home? 

Our favorite part is the wrap-around front porch and the spacious kitchen.  

Did you do any DIY projects on the build or take advantage of Adair's "Sweat Equity" program? 

We did a lot of DIY projects on our home. We painted all the interior trim and did all the caulking which saved us a lot. It was a big job but worth it in the long run to do ourselves.  Another large DIY project was our yard. We put in a retaining wall, deck and all the landscaping. Doing this ourselves allowed us to save money and have it just the way we wanted it. We also were able to install a basketball court and in-ground hoop. All of this because we were able to choose our land and place the house exactly where we wanted it to utilize our space the best.

Building a home is not an easy process, even with the help of the Adair team.  What advice do you have for others who are looking to build a home? 

Put more money in your site development budget than you anticipate using because things always come up and it's nice to have that extra money so you aren't caught off guard.  

If you had the chance to do it again, would you? 

Not right away as we can't imagine moving from our new home. It is a large undertaking to build a house but ultimately you get exactly what you want when you go this route so it's definitely worth it and we would do it again.

Most Adair customers receive the keys to their new home with "move-in equity", what was your equity position at the time your home was completed? 

We had about $25,000 in equity when we moved in.

Of all the things you personally did on your Adair Home build, what are you most proud of? 

We are most proud of how it all came together to have that farmhouse feel, since we had to make modifications to the house to make our land work the best for us. We added everything from windows, doors, retaining wall, steps, railings etc... we weren't quite sure how it all would look, but it came out beautiful. We had a vision on paper and it turned out better than we imagined.  We are also just proud to have such a wonderful home to raise our kids, with plenty of space for everybody.

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