Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Mar 7, 2018 8:33:03 AM
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The custom homebuilding process includes so many exciting moments, from finding the perfect piece of land to choosing the floorplan that you’ve always wanted. But for many of our clients, the best part of the entire process is getting to select their interior design elements and decide on finishing touches. That, they say, is what really starts to make a house a home.  

The Importance of Interior Design

Our ProTeam knows that the interior is like the soul of a home. From materials such as cabinetry and countertops to paint colors and flooring, these selections all come together to showcase your family’s style, whether that’s a bit modern, very traditional, or somewhere in-between. Interior design is what creates the personality of a home.

Effective interior design also helps to make a new house feel like your sanctuary—the place where you can go to relax and reconnect with your loved ones. Again, this is different for everyone. Some homeowners want a serene, spa-like home with refined finishes, while others crave a more relaxed, low-key atmosphere that simply feels comfortable and inviting.

Choosing Your Finishing Touches

As you can see, interior design and other finishing touches are important for making your home truly yours. That’s why it’s important to partner with a builder that offers a wide variety of finishes, so you can create the interior you want while staying within budget.

At Adair Homes, we proudly partner with local and national brand names in order to present every new homeowner with a wide selection of interior finishes—and our interior design experts help to make the choices easy.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key decisions our design professionals help customers make:


Options include hardwood and laminate flooring, carpeting, tile, and newer materials such as vinyl, a highly durable option that can be made to look like hardwood. Each offers a variety of colors and textures to fit your style and to stand up to the level of day-to-day wear that your floors will receive from kids, pets, and other factors. We are proud to offer flooring from Shaw®, a leading provider of resilient, beautiful floors.

Tile color and style

The right tile in your bathrooms and/or kitchen can make a room complete. Your design selections may include tile for backsplashes, floors, and shower walls. Our team can help you choose warm, natural tile or modern, sleek-looking tile—or something in between!

Cabinets and hardware

Beautiful cabinetry is a must-have for the kitchen in any custom home. Not only is this where you and your family will gather; it’s also the room that can add the most long-term value to your home. We offer high-quality Pacific Crest® Custom Cabinetry and a variety of hardware styles to ensure you have a wide range of choices for style, color, and finish.


Gorgeous and durable granite and quartz countertops are among the most sought-after elements of today’s homes. We offer an incredible array of high-end granite and quartz for both kitchens and bathrooms. These countertops not only add to the overall style of a room; they also wear extremely well, are easy to clean, and require very little maintenance.

Plumbing fixtures

These days, plumbing fixtures come in nearly every finish imaginable. Whether you gravitate toward brushed nickel, matte brass, copper, or chrome, these finishing touches help complete the design of your kitchen or bathroom, tying together the colors and styles of your countertops, cabinetry, hardware, and more. Our design options include Moen® kitchen faucets, which are the gold standard for durability, functionality, and style.

Paint colors

A room’s paint is like the canvas that helps all the other design elements shine. Our design professionals can help you navigate between hundreds of available colors to find those that will fit your style. We offer Sherwin-Williams® paint to provide homebuyers with a wide variety of color options—all of which are gorgeous, vibrant, and long-lasting.

Professional Design Help

As you can see, building a custom home requires quite a few important design decisions. It’s natural for homeowners to feel a bit overwhelmed at first, but that’s why our ProTeam is here.

A design consultation at one of our 14 Design Centers is a key part of our construction process. After you have selected a home design that fits your needs, you’ll visit a Design Center and work closely with an industry expert to choose from interior designer selected finishes. The ProTeam member will take into account your family’s style and interests, your day-to-day activities, and more, making recommendations along the way. In the end, your home will have a set of carefully-selected finishes that work perfectly for your needs, complement the style of your new home, and, of course, go beautifully together.

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