Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Jul 5, 2017 7:20:24 AM
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Most people go through a range of emotions when building a new house. It’s exciting, scary, intimidating, and exhilarating all at the same time. Knowing what to expect can help you stay calm through the stressful times and keep your expectations closer to reality. There are countless details that go into custom home construction, but the process can be broken down into a handful of typical stages of building a house.

Design - Make it Yours

Whether you start from scratch with a custom home design that brings your dream home to life or start with an existing floor plan that can be altered to match your lifestyle, the design process is the time to capture all of your wants and needs.

During the design process, you will make decisions such as what the kitchen layout will be like, how you will use each room in the house, and which features to include on the exterior of your home. You’ll also have the opportunity to select all your interior finishes at this time, so even though the foundation hasn’t even been poured, you’ll be able to visualize yourself surrounded with features such as bathroom tiles, countertops, flooring, and more. Think carefully about every detail during this phase, because after the drawings are finalized there won’t be any more changes.

Permitting - Submit Applications in Your Jurisdiction

This is one of the least glamorous stages of building a house, but it’s absolutely necessary to get your project started but with the right homebuilding partner they can help guide you through this process. Without a building permit, you can’t do anything on the site. To obtain your permit, you must submit all the applications required in your jurisdiction along with the construction drawings. These rules are designed with everybody’s safety in mind, so even though it’s not the most fun part of the process, it is a requirement you cannot avoid.

Site Preparation - The Big Dig Commences

After you receive your permits, site preparation can begin. This might include digging a hole to pour the foundation, removing trees, digging a well, and connecting to local utilities. This part of the process is often messy, but it sets the stage for your beautiful new home.  

Home Construction - The Crew Creates Your Home

After preparing the site, this stage starts with pouring the foundation. From there, the crew starts framing, installing plumbing and electrical, installing insulation, putting in drywall, and completing all the finishes. There are professional inspections along the way at critical moments, and you have the opportunity to do a midpoint inspection as well. This is your chance to verify that the decisions you made during the design process are being implemented, so pay close attention as you walk through with the construction superintendent.

Punch List - What Did They Miss?

After construction is substantially complete, you do a final walkthrough to create the punch list. This is the list of items that need to be completed and errors that must be fixed before you move in, so if something doesn’t look right to you, speak up!  

Move In - Bust Out the Bubbly!

After the punch list items are complete, the house will undergo a final professional inspection so you can get a certificate of occupancy and move in. This is the typically the most exciting part of the entire process because you finally can move into the home that was once just drawings on paper.

If you have never built a new home, the process can feel overwhelming. This is why Adair Homes pairs you with a Home Ownership Counselor who works with you from start to finish. We are always here to answer your questions and prepare you for the next steps in the process. Our Home Building Process Timeline provides even more details about the stages of building a house. Download your free copy today to learn more.