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Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Jul 9, 2015 1:00:42 AM
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At Adair we offer a range of quality floor plans so you are sure to find something that fits your lifestyle.  Our customers love the process of picking a plan and personalizing it to make it their own. Gathering new home design ideas is easy with the abundance of Adair floor plans to browse online. However, customers love that they get to put their own flair into the final result.

Mt. Rainier Kitchens

The Mt. Rainier floor plan is beloved for its spacious feel, abundant features and open kitchen, but there are a variety of ways to make it your own. One Adair client went for dark-toned wood flooring and cabinetry, gleaming medium toned countertops and sleek, as well as recessed lighting. Whereas, another take on the Mt. Rainier floor plan plays up contrasts in the kitchen with beautiful light colored countertops against darker wood tones and modern chandeliers adds to the warmth of this Mt. Rainier floor plan personalization.


Liberty Living Rooms

Living rooms can be custom created to your tastes and specifications as well. One Liberty floor plan customization features small symmetrical windows and an entertainment center as the focal point, while another client made a cozy, contemporary slate fireplace as the center of attention.


Livingston Exteriors

The exterior of The Livingston floor plan has been customized to fit numerous dream home visions, from switching the garage location from the left side to the right to choosing siding color options that range from cheery yellow to warm earth tones.


It's Up to You

How would you personalize your Adair home? Our floor plans are already loaded with features like an open foyer, a master bedroom on the main floor, a large mudroom with drop zone, shop space, a side load garage, bonus rooms, a butler's pantry off the kitchen and much more, and you can customize many of these features to your liking.

What's your vision for your family's dream home? Adair Homes wants to help you make your vision a reality. Visit the Adair website for custom home floor plans and new home design ideas.