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Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Jan 30, 2020 9:00:00 AM
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Homeowner Testimonial: One Bid Was All I Needed

The most important things we can say about Adair Homes, we actually don't say at all–our homeowners do. We feel that the best way to explain the benefits of building with Adair is simply better from the people who have lived the process and chose us. With that in mind, we're happy to share our latest homeowner testimonial video from Bob Woods. 

What's great about Bob's story is that he just got one bid on his custom home.

Homeowner Inset Image"I developed a lot of confidence in Adair Homes, and basically I got one bid and only one bid on this house, and it was from Adair."

Bob knew he wanted to work with Adair, so he didn't bother wasting time shopping around.

"The best part is the overall quality of the house...the paint, the finishes, the design," Bob says. He chose the Josephine plan for his land overlooking a valley. "It's spacious and open...a beautiful and welcoming space." From the very beginning, Bob knew exactly what he wanted. "We made some pretty serious customizations to the house. The sauna was designed from the get-go. We built the whole master suite around the sauna."

Even with a more complicated, customized build, Bob said everything went off without a hitch. "The customer service I received from Adair was exceptional. There were custom aspects to the house, and it was handled by the book." And, the great customer service didn't stop after the house was built. "They took a lot of time to work through the specific things we had in mind, and that great customer service continued even after the build."

One of the reasons Bob chose Adair Homes was because of our proven track record.

"They have built a lot of houses, so they have acquired a lot of institutional knowledge." That expertise leads to bids that are more accurate. "When I got a bid, they did not deviate by one penny. The price I signed up for was the price I paid, which is almost unheard of," Bob says.

We're proud that we can provide this level or accuracy and quality to Bob and all of our homeowners. "I love my Adair home. I would definitely use Adair again, and I'd build the exact same house the exact same way."

Thank you for sharing your story, Bob. If you'd like to build your custom home with accuracy, quality and value, come and see us