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Posted by Kari Montoya on Nov 15, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Adair Homes is no stranger to the investment build. In fact, we regularly partner with land owners looking to build equity into their land through home construction. Property owners sell land and home for an increased profit when construction is completed. After all, improved land is worth more money than bare land.


2830_Everett_312050-15 04

The Strong/Zhang family is one such land-owning family.  Their perfect property plus a dream home, resulted in a million dollars profit.

Land + Home = Perfection

The Strong/Zhang family’s property is located on Whidbey Island, an idyllic waterfront setting with unlimited views of Mother Nature. The lot called for something special. 

“It [the property] has a view of Puget Sound and the mountains, wildlife; whales go by, and seals. The fishing is good. The crabbing is good. It’s a lovely place to be,” said John Strong, when asked about their family land. 

In order to maximize profit, this property needed a house that would capture the beauty of outside, while providing the comforts of home, inside.

Enter, the Everett Plan.

2830_Everett_312050-15 01-1

The Everett plan would allow future homeowners to enjoy the waterfront views from every room.

“It was totally about seeing water from several rooms, particularly upstairs. The primary bedroom, library, and second bedroom have water views,” says Jim Hopkins, Home Ownership Counselor from Northwest Washington.

2830_Everett_312050-15 35

John agrees. “My favorite part of the home is […] the Great Room with the view of the water. It’s pretty much a 180-degree view of the water and it feels warm and spacious.”

2830_Everett_312050-15 30

This Everett plan boasts 3102 square feet that includes a large Great Room and Kitchen, with a connecting deck outside the eating area. The spacious kitchen also includes a large island and walk-in pantry.

2830_Everett_312050-15 26

Upstairs, you’ll find a generous primary suite with walk-in closet, a second bedroom and en-suite bath, a library, and bonus room.

2830_Everett_312050-15 39

In order to maximize home value, the Strong’s made some custom changes to the Everett plan, including raising the ceiling height from 8-ft to 9. Additionally, they added quartz counters, laminate flooring and 6-panel interior doors. These upgrades, plus the craftsman trim and gourmet kitchen added major value to the overall house.

“Building was remarkably smooth; this is the fifth home I’ve built with contractors and out of the five homes we’ve built, this is the first time we’ve done it with Adair. It was a very favorable experience,” said John Strong.

Adair Takes Care

Due to the close proximity of the water, Adair Homes had to ensure that the structure met and exceeded all FEMA protocols for flooding and stormwater. “The build in particular went way smoother than it should've considering it was 2020. We did have to work in lockstep with the homeowner and the engineer to make sure the floor level was high enough above the storm surge level and install a lot of FEMA precautions on this home due to the proximity to the water,” said Garrett Critichlow, Construction Superintendent in Northwest Washington. “The whole house had to be raised two feet above the storm surge level.”

2830_Everett_312050-15 07

Adair Homes also had to give special attention to the build due to the unique geography and extenuating circumstances of the property. Some of the hurdles included neighboring homes built over existing property lines which necessitated firewalls, and low power lines lacing the front of the lot.

Adair answered each challenge with swift and thoughtful answers.

“Adair was very organized,” said John. “I was truly impressed with the speed of the build. It was relatively easy to build equity. I think Adair is an easy one to do that with.”


A Winning Investment

Something magical happens when you have the perfect lot and find the dream home to compliment the land. Not only did the Strong/Zhang family sell for a healthy profit, but the new family received a home to grow old with—a forever home. We call that a win-win-win situation. 

Watch the video of John talking about his build on our YouTube page!



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