Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Feb 22, 2018 7:37:51 AM
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With modern devices that allow you to use voice control or wirelessly connect to appliances, outlets, and more, it’s easier than ever to implement smart features in your home without a significant investment. Many people want the peace of mind that these modern conveniences enable—better security, energy efficiency, home comfort, key-free locks, etc.—but don’t want to install a costly system.

If you want to make your home smarter, consider the following DIY ideas:

Let the Sun Shine in (or Not)

Natural light in your home offers many benefits, but having the ability to easily control your shades can help you avoid issues such as solar heat gain, fading of furniture and floors, or unwanted glare. Many people also like to keep the blinds closed in the evening for privacy. Get the most from the daylight in your home by installing remote-controlled shades that you can lower or raise with a remote control, mobile app, or voice control through Siri. If you decide to stay out later than expected, you can close the blinds with a few clicks. If you’re cozy on the couch and the glare is bothering you, just ask Siri to lower the shades. You can also schedule them to open in the morning so you can awaken with natural light as the sun comes up.

Lights, Please

Artificial lighting is another home essential that can be made smarter. Smart lighting systems allow you to control individual or multiple light fixtures through a smartphone or voice commands. In addition to the convenience, this smart home feature can also save you money on electricity bills by setting up schedules and allowing you to turn the lights off no matter where you are.  

Turn Up the Heat

The days of walking into a cold house because you turned the thermostat down while you were out are over. You can still save energy by adjusting your thermostat based on occupancy, but now you can do it from anywhere in the world. Of course, you can also do it from across the room if you’re chilly and don’t have your slippers handy. Many different brands offer smart thermostats. Some of the most popular are the Nest Learning Thermostat and Ecobee, both of which use sensors to determine when you’re home or away, so you don’t even have to think about making money-saving adjustments.

Step up Security

Whether you want to know who just rang the doorbell, which teenager is sneaking out at night, or what critter has been raiding the trash cans, there is a smart home camera that can meet your needs. Battery-powered and Wi-Fi-enabled, many modern cameras can be installed either indoors or outdoors without any wiring. With the ability to monitor your house from your smartphone or tablet, you will always know that your home is safe and secure.  

Many smart home devices are designed to work with Amazon Echo and/or Google Home, making it possible to integrate all of your devices into one system, even if they are not compatible with each other. If you don’t already have a speaker with a voice-activated virtual assistant, it could be the key to making your entire home smarter.

Of course, one of the best times to integrate smart features is when your home is being built. When you build with Adair Homes, you have the option to make design decisions that will allow you to implement smart features. Contact us today to learn more about how our smart home features provide both convenience and peace of mind.


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