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Posted by Chip Glennon on Feb 25, 2020 8:47:58 AM
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If a house is to truly become a home, it should closely fit the personality and lifestyle of those who live within its walls. This is best accomplished by custom home and interior design. Heading into a new decade, it can pay dividends to review the current standards and trends and make choices accordingly. 

Here are some custom home trends to be conscious of for 2020.

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Elevated Smart Home and Automation Systems

On the surface, there may be nothing new or dramatic about a home with a smart thermostat or that controls a lighting system. For 2020, however, these systems are being elevated to a new level. Smart home and automation system trends for 2020 include disappearing video and entertainment systems, powered windowed coverings, full-scale security and camera systems and voice controlled virtual assistants in every space. Millennials are moving into home ownership, and they are bringing their passion for digital comforts and devices with them.

The Industrial Look

Popularized by re-purposed industrial buildings in urban areas, the industrial home aesthetic is making its way into single-family homes. This trend includes use of steel, aluminum, vintage hardwood floors, exposed brick walls and even exposed HVAC vents. In kitchens, hanging pots, pans and utensils and door-less or see-through cabinetry is becoming popular. Even in living spaces where the industrial look is less dramatic, some homeowners are choosing larger industrial size kitchen appliances and cook tops.

Resort-Style, Spa-Type Master Baths

Home trends for 2020 include allocating space from elsewhere to deliver the resort style master bath homeowners crave. Jacuzzi and walk-in showers are just the start of creating a relaxing personal space that serves as a place to retreat, relax and rejuvenate. Adjustable LED lighting, natural stones and rocks, quality sound systems, waterfall faucets, a sauna, whirlpool and even a hammock can add to the enjoyment of the space. Some homeowners are rediscovering how glass block can increase the open feel of this space and are even choosing wall-less showers.

Multi-Purpose Spaces

Where homes once had designated spaces for “dining” or “living” or even conducting business, home trends for 2020 are making more use of open, flex spaces that are versatile and add value. These spaces are either shared or designated as an office, entertainment and/or group dining area or other purpose as needed. This allows for greater flexibility, especially when entertaining friends, family or business associates.

Stool Seating and Bar Dining

While we've seen a decline in formal dining space in recent years, this space is being replaced for other purposes. Instead, more casual seating like stools and bar height dining areas have become increasing popular. These are often in-kitchen or in near-kitchen areas and serve as a space to grab that morning cup of coffee, informal dinner and to even serve as a bar for social occasions. Stools don't need to be fancy, leather, adjustable editions. Plain wooden stools will do the job. Again, versatility is key.

Eclectic Styles

Interior design trends are becoming extremely eclectic, where modern meets Americana and retro meets contemporary. Just about anything goes as long as the pieces are nice and are enjoyed by the homeowner. A contemporary floor lamp next to a retro sixties style chair? An oversized Terracotta vase in a hallway with an oriental rug? A handmade wreath in a room with a modern piece of art?

Carpeting Comeback

Neutral style wall-to-wall carpeting is making a comeback with a bit of a twist. Trends are to add a bit of pop with brighter colored or patterned area rugs, in essence, layering carpeting in rooms. This provides more versatility and flexibility in decorating, while adding a warmer feel that also is an effective sound insulator compared to other types of flooring. Area rugs serve as a nice accent under free-standing chairs or a coffee or end tables.

Next Level Custom and Designer Closets

Walk-in and traditional closets are reaching a new level in capability, capacity, and convenience. From motion-activated lighting to electrically controlled revolving shirt racks, technology has entered closet and storage space. These conveniences have been joined by rich wood and laminate accents that is simply too nice not to share and show off.

Maximizing Storage Space

As living space becomes increasingly valuable in certain areas of the country, maximizing use of the available space has become a part of home trend designs. This includes interior cabinet space, closets, spaces above kitchen cabinets, in laundry rooms and garages. There is also a trend toward multi-purpose furniture like pull-out couches, Murphy beds, convertible dining tables and others.

Putting Trends to Work for You

At the end of the day, your home should make you happy. Trends are not rules. You can use trends, however, to help guide your decisions in building your home. Choose the styles that will fit your lifestyle and preferences, and enjoy your new living space to the fullest.

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