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Posted by Kari Montoya on Mar 24, 2021 9:00:00 AM

David and Anna Hersey are a fun couple who built a beautifully customized version of the Oswego plan on their fertile property in Rogue River, Oregon. We were able to sit down with them recently and reflect on their Adair Homes experience, the design process, and key takeaways for others who might be interested in building new construction.



The Oswego

The Hersey’s began their home journey with Scott Barlow, a Southern Oregon Home Ownership Counselor.

 “Anna and Dave were ready for their forever home, and their needs were unique. Once they saw the Oswego they felt it would be a plan they would enjoy living in.”

Planning the customizations to the Oswego plan was a process. Both Anna and David had specific needs and wants for their new home, and a budget to adhere to. Anna wanted a walk-in jacuzzi tub. David was looking for a large covered porch. Both of them were concerned with ease of use and aging-in-place features throughout the home.


“Scott Barlow was our key person initially setting up the blueprints and working with me and all my nitpicking little details that I wanted,” says Anna. “He was very patient, very understanding, and he also helped us with picking out the colors, and the flooring, and the countertops, and everything. I kinda tease him that I didn’t know about that soft touch return on the cabinets—where when you get it to a certain point they just gently quietly close? I didn’t know about that, and he recommended it, so I kind of kid him and say, ‘Yes, Scott—every time I shut a cabinet in the kitchen I think of you because you recommended it and I like it.’ Little features that I wouldn’t have even thought of, or known about—he helped out with—so I really appreciate that.”

Modified for Life

Beyond the soft touch cabinets—Scott listened. He took in their unique needs and made sure that the Oswego plan encapsulated every one of them. 

“Their need for a walk-in tub/shower unit was a must, so we were able to come up with a plan to rough-in the power and drain system needed for the custom unit,” says Scott.


“They also had a need for larger closets and really wanted a larger front porch. We were able to make that happen through the custom option process using the original den area to enlarge the closet and create the enlarged front porch. Their other concern was being able to enter the home without steps—knowing that wheelchairs might be needed later in life. We were able to work with the flat subcontractor to porch their garage floor with no step.” 


Anna and Dave both appreciated the changes.

“I think the parts that I like the best [about our home] are the customization that we put in,” says Anna. “Being able to bring in a walk-in jacuzzi style tub for me in the master bathroom.”

David interjects. “And I love the porch area.” He gestures towards Anna. “Her little modifications to that porch area are nice because now we have a lot more covered area out there.”

Would They Do it Again?


Anna is thoughtful.

“If we were to build another home we would definitely build with Adair. Even if it wasn’t in this area. We trust the Adair company enough that it would definitely be with Adair.”

“The customer service has been extraordinary. Being newbies at the house building process; they were just really on top of things. We really like them; we almost consider them personal friends," says David.

Us, too, Hersey’s. 

Friends forever.


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