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Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Nov 19, 2018 6:38:50 AM
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For a growing number of homeowners, the garage is much more than a space to park a car or two: It’s an extension of their home and their lifestyle. So it’s no wonder that today’s garages are getting some major makeovers, with more space and better amenities than ever before.

Take a look at these 10 must-have features for your next garage:

1. Extra space

This is the number-one priority among our customers when it comes to garage features. No one wants a tight, too-small garage. Even if you have two cars now, a three-car garage may be your best bet—especially if you have hobbies that take up a lot of space (kayaking or cycling, for example) or if your kids will be driving in the next few years. When it comes to garage space, it’s always better to err on the side of more.

2. Additional doors

If tending to your hobby or doing house maintenance has you frequently popping in and out of the garage, adding additional doors can be extremely helpful. Just think of the time you’ll save by not having to use the garage-door opener each and every time.

Many of our customizable floorplans include options for adding a convenient side entrance or incorporating a large bay door, both of which are fantastic for coming and going with lawn equipment, car parts, and more.

3. A dedicated shop

If you love to work on your cars, do projects around the house, or tend to a garden, a dedicated workspace is a must-have. Choosing a floor plan with a shop that is part of the garage will give you room to store your power tools, garden soil, and other necessities—without encroaching on the space that’s reserved for your vehicles.

4. Shelving and pegboards

This is definitely a must in any well-organized garage. Hanging your tools, extension cords, rolls of tape, and other necessities helps keep them neat and clean, while ensuring your floors are clutter-free. We’ve seen some homeowners really take their garages up a notch, using shelving and pegboards to proudly display their woodwork, favorite skateboards, homemade ceramics, and more. But it’s also OK to simply use them to keep your sanity.

5. Cabinetry

Take your storage options up a notch with upper and lower cabinets to store tools and supplies. These days, homeowners install everything from inexpensive Ikea cabinetry to sleek, fully customized pieces that are practically works of art.

6. Overhead storage

Most garages are much taller than a typical vehicle, giving homeowners the opportunity to maximize storage space with overhead racks and hooks. These days, you can easily use overhead storage for everything from ladders and bikes to plastic storage bins, cardboard boxes, seasonal decor, and more.

7. Entertainment

If you’re a homeowner who puts a priority on a custom garage, you’ll probably be spending a good amount of time out there. So why not mount a flat-screen TV (or two) and add a surround-sound system? You can put the game on while you work or play some music to help keep your energy up.

8. A refreshment station

If you’re going to be spending long hours in your garage, you might want to add a dedicated space for snacks and drinks. We’ve seen everything from small, dorm-size fridges to ornate wood bars. Whatever your style, just make sure you keep enough food and drink on hand for any guests.

9. Extra seating

Speaking of guests, think about where your friends might relax if they come over to see your handiwork or lend a hand with your latest project. Adding an extra barstool or two, a comfy couch, or a pub table can go a long way toward ensuring they come back the next time you need their help.

Find Your Dream Garage

One of the biggest perks of building a custom home is the chance to focus on what’s most important to you. If you need a state-of-the-art garage or workshop, building a new home gives you a unique opportunity to customize the space to work perfectly for your lifestyle.

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