Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Aug 16, 2016 8:00:55 AM
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Argh! That’s how clutter can make you feel. We’re not talking about the hoarding kind of clutter that will land you on a reality show (and, hey, no judgments). We’re talking about that everyday kind of clutter that just seems to take over your house no matter how hard to try to stay on top of it. And it’s understandable: busy lives, hectic schedules, and everyday life can keep you from feeling like your home has that sparkly-clean-fresh feel you love.

But the good news is that there are ways that you can design a home to keep clutter in its place so you can relax more, think more clearly, and not cringe when family stops by unannounced.

Here are some tips to tame the clutter by designing your home to be almost clutter resistant.

Mud Rooms


Books and bags and boots, oh my! Whether it’s your entryway, your great room, your kitchen table or the bottom of your stairs, the pile that starts as soon as the family comes home can be an eyesore. A well-designed mud room will change all of that. Design your home with a mud room off the garage for an easy and convenient family drop zone. Add built-in cubbies that keep each person’s belongings neatly organized so you never have to hear, “Have you seen my…?”



Does the very sight of toasters, mixers, and other appliances sitting on your counters drive you nuts? (Or is that just us?) Traditional kitchen cabinets don’t accommodate the wide range of appliances that busy families use like blenders and juicers and food processors.

Design a pantry with adjustable shelving so you can easily store odd-shaped appliances, cookbooks, and food pantry items like warehouse-sized cereal boxes.

Linen Closets


There’s never a good time to discover you’re out of toilet paper but let’s face it - some times are more inconvenient than others. Linen closets in the master and secondary bathrooms give you room to store the essentials (including plenty of backup). Linen closets can also help you manage the clutter of blow dryers, curling irons, towels, and - of course - linens.

Lofts and Bonus Rooms


Lofts and bonus rooms create flexible spaces that can be used for almost anything. But they can also be your secret weapon in clutter control. Lofts and bonus rooms make a great play area that also keeps toys out of sight from the main living areas. And for your gamers, these areas can keep consoles and cords easily accessible without cluttering up your main living area.

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