Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Jan 21, 2016 8:50:55 AM
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Are you looking for a home that supports the pitter patter of four feet? If you’re searching for custom homes for pet owners, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Adair Homes, we love building homes that you can enjoy with your furry family members.

If you have pets, we believe you should make them feel happy and comfortable in your new place because they’re a big part of what makes it a home-- a dream home.

Here’s a look at fantastic custom home design ideas for the Fido, Mr. Jinx, or Nemo in your life. All of these ideas are doable in your newly built (and affordable) Adair Home. Let’s get started.

For the Dog Lovers

Create a dog wash station in your new home. Many of our plans, such as The Josephine and The Blakely include a mudroom or spacious laundry room. Instead of tracking dirt and mud throughout the home, carve out some space in the mudroom for Fido to take a dog shower.

Create a dog-friendly kitchen. People aren’t the only ones who congregate inside the kitchen-- so does your second vacuum with the waggy tail. But there’s nothing worse than accidentally stepping back into a bowl of water or dog food.

Avoid this by including a custom drawer insert in an easily accessible part of your kitchen. Inside of it, keep doggie bowls for water and food. You can also outfit larger cabinets to store extra food for convenient refills.

Finally, give your furry friend his or her own bedroom in your new home. While you may not want to dedicate a full guest room to Fido, there’s plenty of space in the corner of your loft or bonus room to turn it into a doggie palace. Plus, this keeps their bed and toys out of sight from guests. Check out how floor plans like The Cascades and The Livingston give you enough space to make your pets feel right at home.

For the Cat Lovers

Cats are acrobats, and they love walking tight walks. Indulge them with a catwalk that provides exercise and entertainment. Turn bare walls in your bonus or great room into a modern maze with cleverly skewed bookshelves that your cat can walk on.

Love cats, but hate litter boxes? Create a litter box that, to the unsuspecting eye, actually looks like a piece of sophisticated furniture. You’ll do this by taking a storage or television cabinet, adding a discreet side door, and turning it into your cat’s private powder room.

Alternatively, you can create an indoor/ outdoor litter box that looks like a mini-shed attached to your home.

For the Fish Lovers

Get creative with your fish tank design. If you plan on placing your aquarium in a kid’s room or a family hangout zone, go with a fun theme such as SpongeBob SquarePants’ Bikini Bottom.

For more extravagant and elegant aquarium designs, consider a custom fish tank bookshelf wall unit. You can also go all out and turn your kitchen island into a serious aquarium. The open layout of the Cashmere plan would be a great place to start.

For the Bird Lovers

Why not create an indoor aviary that’s worthy of your pet bird? Create a walk-in bird cage and add a mural of the bird’s natural habitat behind the cage. The Ashland has a den full of natural light that would perfect for your feathered friends.

What’s Next?

Are you excited to see what we can do for you and your beloved pet? Your pets are already a part of the family, visit a sales center today to discover more ideas on making them a part of your home too. Want to see an Adair Home in person? We have many Open House events coming up that tour these very plans. Check out our Open House page for the next event near you.

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