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Posted by Melissa Lynn Galland on Apr 14, 2020 1:24:46 PM
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Online Events

Don’t worry about showing up in person. We’ve moved our popular class on the basics of homebuilding online—where we can better protect the health and safety of our communities. You’ll still have unprecedented access to the Adair Homes building process—where we make it quicker, easier, and more affordable than you could imagine to build your dream home. Learn about financing, budgeting, and how you can deduct sweat equity from the overall cost of your new construction. Talk to a designer. Peruse the online plans! The Building 101 seminar is your ticket to new construction.

Each event is customized based on your questions that you ask, but here’s what you can expect:

Adair Homes & On-Your-Lot Explained


Adair Homes has been building dream homes across the country for over 50 years. In that time, we’ve helped more than 21,000 families achieve their dream of home ownership, and we take pride in making sure our customers find the perfect home that not only fits their lifestyle, but also fits their budget.

In this seminar, we’ll provide an overview of the On-Your-Lot construction process. This doesn’t mean you already need to own land before contacting Adair. In fact, most of our customers start the process with us without having land. Our local branches have many great resources to help you in your land search, including a network of realtor partners who specialize in land acquisition. You’ll also learn about site development and applying for building permits in your local jurisdiction!

Adair’s unique homebuilding model allows you to save money and build equity, before you even move in! We’ll take a look at the items you can tackle during your build to gain “sweat equity”! This includes site development, cleanup, painting and more!

An Introduction to Alliance Financial Services

Meet the finance company that was especially created to serve Adair Homes customers. Alliance Financial Services provides competitive construction loans without the hefty down payments. Alliance has solutions for a wide range of budgets and credit scores. You may even qualify for no down payment!

Construction Lending Q&A

Not sure what a construction loan is and if you qualify? We’ll answer those burning questions and much more during our Building 101 seminar. We’ll start from the very beginning, and answer questions like:

What is a construction loan?
Are there different types of construction loans?
How does a construction loan work?
What does a construction loan cover?
How do I determine how much I need to borrow?
Do I need a down payment?
How does the monthly payment work?

Phase 1: Getting Started

Phase 1 is all about first steps. Now that you know about Allied Financial, it’s time to create a budget. Budgets can be complicated—how much do you need for land, and how much for the build-out? How much money can you afford in mortgage payments each month? Our home counselors will help you arrive at a Total Project Cost that takes into account your present and future.

Want to get a head-start? Utilize our free at-home calculation tool:  Home Cost Calculator 

Custom Homes Q&A

You will likely have questions about everything from how to customize a plan to build out details and we will have experts on hand to answer them. Some of the most common questions we wind up addressing are:

Can I add extra bedrooms?
How do I make a plan multigenerational?
What are some of the design options?
How does Adair Homes ensure quality throughout construction?

Equity Position

Finally,  we’ll discuss what ‘sweat equity’ is (and how it can save you money), prequalification, and application. With Phase 1 complete, you are well on your way to building the home of your dreams. 

Proudly serving the greater Northwest for over 50 years, Adair Homes has helped tens of thousands of families achieve home ownership, and we know we can help you build the home of your dreams, on your lot, in your budget. So, let’s get started!

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Dates and times of upcoming Virtual Building 101 Seminars (All pacific time zone):

Arizona - Wednesday, April 15th from 6-7 PM.
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Oregon - Friday, April 17th from 12 - 1 PM.
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Idaho - Tuesday, April 21st from 12 - 1 PM (1PM local time for our Idaho residents on Mountain time).
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Washington - Thursday, April 23rd from 12 - 1 PM.
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About Adair Homes

Adair Homes has been building dream homes across the country for the last 50 years. In that time, we’ve helped more than 20,000 families achieve their dream of home ownership, and we take pride in making sure our customers find the perfect home that not only fits their lifestyle but also fits their budget. For more info, get in touch with us here or call 1-844-518-7072.